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Finding Success Even with a Small Trade Show Booth

Heading to your industry’s top trade shows provides the opportunity for plenty of success. While a large, custom trade show booth gives you a great chance for success, you can still find excellent success with a smaller trade show booth. If you’re on a budget, use the following tips to gain an incredible ROI with your small trade show booth.

When you know your booth with be small, you need something unique to catch the attention of those attending the show. You won’t have the benefit of taking up a large amount of floor space of getting the perfect location, when you go small. However, you can still grab attention with a custom trade show booth designed to stand out in a very unique way.

One great example of this was the Zig Zibit booth at EXHIBITOR2011. They used a very eye-catching design with a 42-inch monitor with images of their work, along with a whiteboard design making their booth appear larger than it really was. This design made the best out of the space they had and helped the company stand out.


Regular Games and Drawings

If you want to catch the attention of attendees and keep them coming back, use games and drawings to do so. You can have multiple drawings each day and use a large monitor to display the amount of time left until the next drawing. As long as the prizes are something people will want, you’ll draw plenty of attention.

Games always draw a crowd, when they fit in with the industry. Any good games with a giveaway will attract attention as attendees are always looking for fun. You can even use both ideas and give away so many entries into the drawing for the performance in the game you choose.

Pre-Show Marketing

When you create an excellent pre-show marketing campaign, you can attract a ton of attention, even with a small booth. Sending out pre-show email invites, social media messages and other advertising letting attendees know about what you’ll be giving away or offering may just have a crowd forming around your booth from the beginning all the way to the end.


Create Intrigue

When attendees feel intrigued by your booth, they will likely stop to see what it’s about. There are several ways to make it intriguing and still match up with your brand. You don’t have to take up a huge space at your next trade show to stand out and draw attention. Even with a 10×10 space, you can create plenty of buzz if your booth is unique, provide an interesting game, creates intrigue and you put together a great pre-show marketing plan.

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