Trade Show Tips

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Exhibit Design Partner

When you’re preparing for a trade show or other industry event, the last thing you want is an exhibit that falls flat. For many, this means partnering with an exhibit design firm that can understand your needs and come up with a strategy to help achieve your event goals. Ahead, we share a few factors to keep in mind when choosing an exhibit design partner.

Openness to Your Ideas and Wishes

No one knows more about your industry than you do—and a good exhibit design firm will take your industry knowledge into account when working with you to develop the most effective display. By combining their extensive knowledge of design principles and trade show flow with your knowledge of your client base, the best design partners are able to incorporate your ideas and wishes into a display that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Research Their Creative Profile

When it comes to making first impressions, having a well-designed exhibit definitely goes a long way. Before you decide on an exhibit designer, it is important to research their past projects or their creative portfolio. Doing so will help give you a better idea of what they are capable of. Most exhibit companies should have some type of gallery on their websites that showcase their completed projects. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The last thing you want is to go into contract with a trade show booth partner that can’t execute on your vision.

Client Reviews

A highly qualified exhibit design partner should have positive and detailed client reviews that describe their interaction with the company you are considering. Compliments on responsiveness, attention to detail, and organization are good signs of a quality consultant.

If you’re in the market for an exhibit design partner, contact Nimlok NYC. Our full-service solutions include everything from initial concept strategy, design, logistics and show floor services to ensure an event experience that exceeds our client’s expectations. Tell us about your project and schedule a consultation with our team by emailing [email protected]