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Displaydata Design Solution – Case Study

Client’s Comments
“We exhibit at several shows during the course of the year, but we always want to come across as a technology company with a personality rather than another tech company, and we certainly achieved that with this booth. It looked fantastic and showcased our products really well… The quality of the build was excellent, as were the team who put it all together for us. The finishing touches – the lighting, the flooring, the furniture, the AV equipment, all worked really well and Nimlok NYC didn’t miss a thing. As per previous years of working with Nimlok NYC, we received lots of compliments.”


Design Challenge

Since National Retail Federation (NRF) is the most important event in Displaydata’s marketing calendar, an attractive and effective booth was essential for the show. Due to the fact that Displaydata’s U.S. and EMEA sales teams and senior management team were all planning on attending the event, it was critical that the booth is open and have plenty of room for multiple people to walk around without any obstructions. The company was in search of a very creative design that would make their booth noticeable from across the exhibit hall. It was also crucial for Nimlok NYC to work effectively with Displaydata’s UK-based creative agency in order to ensure that the designs were translated from beautiful graphics into a stunning and high-quality booth. Moreover, Displaydata had to work with very tight deadlines, so prompt and concise communication was of the utmost importance in creating this design.

Design Solution

Displaydata had used Nimlok NYC on previous occasions so they knew they could rely on them to deliver a striking and professional-looking booth. Since Displaydata wanted to double the size of their booth from the previous year and wanted to change the entire layout of the booth while still maintaining some aspects of the look and feel of the booth from the previous year, Nimlok NYC worked diligently to design a booth that met all of their needs. Nimlok NYC created a unique grocery area in one corner of the booth in order to emulate an organic foods store as per Displaydata’s request. Nimlok NYC worked with Displaydata in order to create this “grocery” area out of mock wood, which transformed the plasterboard and gave the booth an attractive and authentic appearance. In addition, the wood-effect of the flooring contributed another dimension to the overall appearance of the booth, allowing for the exhibit to really stand out. This smart and sleek booth really established that “wow-factor” that Displaydata strived for.


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