Case Studies

Displaydata Case Study 2

Client’s Comments

“Thank you for all your help with NRF. The stand looked outstanding and we received fantastic feedback from our customers, press, booth staff, and the board. We look forward to working with you on the design for 2018 – we already have some ideas and will be in touch with planning around the May time frame. Many thanks again for all your hard work in making this a success.”

  • Paul Milner, Marketing Director at Displaydata

Design Challenge

Displaydata previously worked with Nimlok NYC multiple times before, including during the National Retail Federation (NRF) in 2015. Displaydata was so pleased with the booth that Nimlok NYC designed that they reached out to Nimlok NYC before attending NRF once again. NRF is the most crucial event in Displaydata’s marketing calendar, so a visually appealing and practical booth is absolutely essential. Displaydata required a booth with ample space for people to walk around comfortably, but the booth also needed to be attractive and creative enough to stand out on the trade show floor.


Design Solution

Having worked with Displaydata before, Nimlok NYC always strives to make each booth better than the previous one. The booth that Nimlok NYC designed for Displaydata this year was bigger and bolder than ever. With the words “Give your shelves an edge” largely display at the top of the exhibit, the booth certainly caught the eyes of passersby.  The booth was open enough to give people space to walk around and observe the different displays.

Nimlok NYC created multiple displays that mirrored the shelves in a variety of stores, to give onlookers the full perspective of Displaydata’s electronic shelf labels. There was one section for DIY and home improvement, one for consumer electronics, one for groceries, and one for wine. These setups perfectly captured the feel of Displaydata’s services, allowing trade show attendees to really understand how Displaydata’s electronic labels look when used in an actual store.

The innovative and attractive booth that Nimlok NYC designed was a show stopper at NRF. The simple designs of each component of the booth beautifully allowed the displays of Displaydata’s labels to truly stand out. The way in which Nimlok NYC spaced out the various displays allowed people to walk around and observe the different components, almost as if they were browsing in a store. As always, Displaydata was beyond pleased with Nimlok NYC’s services and this booth managed to surpass expectations and was even better than the booths that Nimlok NYC created for Displaydata in previous years.