Design of the Month

Design of the Month: Displaydata

The 2018 NRF conference, “Retail’s Big Show,” was recently held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City from January 14-16. Displaydata specializes in electronic shelf labels (ESLs), which allow retailers to update prices, offer changing promotions and improve the customer experience in-store. Their products feature the latest electrophoretic display (EPD) technology for enhanced viewing and incorporate a Bluetooth option.


Displaydata has been a valued client of Nimlok NYC for several years. After another successful show in 2017 and taking into account that their company grew tremendously over the past year, they wanted to go big and bold at NRF 2018. Some challenges included:

  • How to maximize their 20’ x 40’ exhibit floor space
  • Retrofitting custom cabinetry
  • Highlight their state-of-the-art technology capabilities for various markets
  • Having to work within NRF strict show regulations with minimal impact to the original design

This dynamic hybrid 20’ x 40’ double-decker booth was developed while taking into account the various challenges!

To showcase their product’s many retail applications, Nimlok NYC created various market “zones” that mimic in-store environments, including sporting goods and pharmaceuticals. The front of the booth, which included two design kiosks, incorporated a custom vegetable stand with digital working displays attached to the shelves.

Additional key zones included a wine display area and a built-in glass refrigerator. In another area of the exhibit, a custom built-in double-sided glass viewing window housed display units. Nimlok NYC recreated the look of having the ESLs in a cooling ice case, with the bottom-half strategically “fogged” through the use of actual mist and a clever treatment to the lower-level of the case. These zones enabled visitors to experience how Displaydata devices are applicable for different environments, temperatures, and industries.


The large tower, on the right side of the booth, allowed the company’s very small communicator device to be easily visible to viewers, highlighting how the signaling device requires minimal space in retail stores. Topping off the double-decker booth was a large rectangular hanging sign, with part of it angled to emphasize their shelf-edge advantage.

Other key features included a private area for meetings with potential buyers and a full staircase leading to a modern lounge area upstairs. The front reception counter also served as an electronic station. It housed actual “digital frames” that were at 35-degree angles and allowed product info to be displayed and changed. Digital security product features were also incorporated into the booth design.


To further highlight the company’s technological solutions, Nimlok NYC partnered with an interactive design company to allow visitors to virtually download product information on their phones to learn about device features and advantages.

The double-decker exhibit was finished off with a huge raised display frame. Displaydata’s interactive features were shown, including the technology behind their products. The custom digital wall allowed all of their “digital displays” to be updated in real time.

This awesome display is the result of effective planning, an outstanding client-working relationship and an understanding of client needs!