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Design with the Pro: Chris Palmieri

Creating a world-class exhibit doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes the experience of a design professional that has studied the industry and has a keen eye for detail. This month, we sat down with our in-house Exhibit Designer, Chris Palmieri, to learn more about his process when designing award-winning exhibits.  

How do you go about incorporating unique features into client designs?

Initially, we receive a client design brief. From there a designer will interpret it to accommodate show regulations, client budget, and client design. It’s important to get an accurate understanding of the client’s wants and needs.

After gathering the data, we will then proceed to lay out the exhibit. Our goals are to maximize the show floor footage to create an open space that feels welcoming and airy. At the same time, we make sure each exhibit meets all the requirements that are needed for a client to have a successful show.

Are there any design elements that can be really effective for most exhibits?

Yes, a lot of show halls are dark so it’s really important to use lighting in strategic ways. It’s great to incorporate lighting throughout an exhibit through a variety of sources. Backlit graphics and frames really allow client graphics to “pop!” Utilizing large-scale illumination and lighting can also help attract attention and create a luxury feel to your booth.

Are there other types of lighting?

When designing, I really try to incorporate various types of lighting from many angles. We do a lot of LED accent lighting, which works beautifully as accents on the bases of structures or around counters. Clever lighting placement can emphasize architectural elements and elevate them as features.

Other ways to use lighting includes the use of overhead lighting. Up-lighting and down-lighting really add shine and can enhance the look of products and graphics. Lounge areas can often be enhanced by incorporating pendant lights. This adds a cozy and attractive element to these important areas for mingling and conversation. Also, lighting around demo areas can really make these areas stand out more.

What do clients tend to look for in the design of their exhibit?

Many of our clients seek a custom look with high-end finishes, and we strategically select materials that meet our client’s needs so their exhibit doesn’t just feel modular. We have so many different types of custom wood accents that we can incorporate, through laminates and other materials. These can really enhance the look and feel of a design through use on counters and even accent structures to create wood beams. Besides wood, clients often desire a high gloss look, which is another high-end finish. We design our booths carefully to balance the use of materials so an exhibit design is unique and attractive.

Clients also want seamless fabric graphics. A seamless fabric graphic is a nice large piece that fits over a structure and blends in. We’re moving away from panel graphics to high use of seamless fabric graphics. It really finishes off a structure and works well when incorporating in a booth design. Our team gets a lot of satisfaction from designing a great-looking booth with a clean design that a client is excited about!

Nimlok NYC’s team of designers and exhibit builders take pride in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for our customers. If you have an idea and need help bringing it to life, or want our team to develop a brand new concept, we’d love to talk. For more information about our design and exhibit services, contact us today.

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