Design of the Month

Design of the Month: Reeves International, Inc.

Toy Fair 2018 was recently held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from February 17 through February 20. Reeves International, Inc. needed a completely redesigned booth for their Breyer® exhibit. The previous design featured outdated panels with a slot wall system.

Nimlok NYC Process

Nimlok NYC created a custom hybrid design for Reeves’ 30’x30′ booth. It incorporated an aluminum extrusion system as well as many custom features. Within this wire system, we added new glass shelving that allowed plenty of light to stream into their booth. The display shelves are all adjustable which means they can easily transition to future shows that Reeves attends.

Showcasing Reeves Products

The new, modern design we created used clear plexiglass on the outside. This enabled people in the hallways and those walking the aisles to see the toy displays and products from outside of the booth as well. For consistency and high quality, we used LED lighting throughout the booth. In order to illuminate the shelves and showcase the products on them, we used puck down lighting.


To deliver the most visual impact possible, we primarily used large one-panel graphics for a seamless look. All the images we used were also backlit for additional visual impact. Instead of a hanging sign, Nimlok NYC designed a huge tower feature with a large logo displayed on all sides. This strategy avoided rigging costs which reduced the overall price of setting up and tearing down the booth.

In order to highlight the recent Breyer® Christmas collection, we built a curved pedestal podium that attached to the front of the tower. In addition to the podium having LED up lighting, the front tower wall featured an 80-inch monitor. Reeves was able to easily access the storage offered by the center tower through a hidden door.

Highlighting the Reeves Brand

We created a custom top blue canopy that was placed around the perimeter top of the exhibit shelves. The purpose of this was to unite the numerous glass product display cases while highlighting the blue in the Breyer® logo. The canopy featured a blue fabric curved pillowcase design to tie everything together seamlessly.


A large reception counter featured an oversized blue LED strip at the bottom for glow effect. The flooring was designed with inlay carpet with light maple vinyl flooring that ran through the booth’s center. Lots of cafe tables and open seating invited people to come visit, relax and see the Breyer® products.

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