Design of the Month

Design of the Month: Prudential Global Investment Management

To kick off PGIM’s trade show schedule, Nimlok NYC worked to develop a new modular display that included elements needed for a successful show while staying true to PGIM’s brand. The 10×20 exhibit integrated a variety of features including a large TV screen and two iPads to display key messaging points and easily capture new leads at the show.


Knowing the display would be used at more than one event, we made sure the design could easily adapt to the company’s future needs. Key booth features included:

  • Bright, backlit wall
  • Bold graphics
  • PGIM’s signature “corner frame” branding in booth accents
  • Fabric canopies
  • Reception counter
  • and more.

This design also included several “scale up” options, should the company need to expand its booth to fit large exhibit spaces.