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Design of the Month: Epoch Everlasting Play

At the Toy Fair 2018, Epoch Everlasting Play worked with Nimlok NYC to develop a large custom booth. The show took place from February 17-20 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The Epoch Everlasting Play booth followed the popular “fortress” style that is common at the NYC Toy Fair. This strategy relies on high walls and an enclosed design to minimize the opportunity for competitors to discover new product offerings and rollouts. The team at Nimlok NYC worked out a design strategy to provide visibility control while still maximizing the attendee’s experience with the displays and products in their booth.

Nimlok NYC Process

We started with a design for a very large custom peninsula booth with high walls and only one exit and entrance for the press and attendees. This 50’x70′ booth featured a two-floor “grand entrance” measuring 16 feet high and was flanked by large columns.

Once inside the exhibit, attendees were steered in a specific direction by the strategic layout of the floor plan. This allowed visitors to fully experience all aspects of the massive exhibit and browse the toy offerings housed within the various display areas.

Showcasing Epoch Everlasting Play’s Products

A substantial portion of the booth was dedicated to the Calico Critters® family of product offerings. It included a realistic Calico Critter village and town featuring replicas of their mansion and cozy cottage products.

It also included life-size characters, a full-size tram, the “creamy gelato shop,” a townhouse, and the “grand department store.” These highly engaging features were designed with graphic overlays, which provided three-dimensional elements, adding a great deal to the visual interest and whimsy of the booth environment.

All of the Epoch Everlasting Play product lines were in sections to allow for a clear and cohesive experience for show attendees. Earlyyears®, Kidoozie™, and Game Zone product lines were also on display.

Additional Space Accommodations

In order to draw attention from the entire showroom floor, the Epoch Everlasting Play booth featured a 24-foot diameter hanging sign with the company’s logo imprinted five times that was visible from every angle of the showroom floor. Additionally, we built two large conference rooms to host private meetings, numerous cafe table seating areas, a mounted 60-foot display monitor, and a full-size storage room.

If you have an upcoming trade show or industry event and are in need of a custom exhibit, Nimlok NYC will work closely with your team to find an inspiring solution for your trade show needs. Our team of designers and builders ensure that your tradeshow environment is exactly what you need to succeed! Contact us today for a free rendering of a custom trade show booth.