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Suan Farma 20×20 Island Booth in Supply Side West – Client Highlight

Nimlok NYC started their relationship in 2009 with a Suan Farma 20×20 Island booth in Supply Side West. Since then, Suan Farma’s show schedule has evolved, they currently exhibit in 4-5 shows per year in different configurations ranging from 10×20, 20×20 peninsula, 20×20 island and 30×30 Island.

Our design team has been able to offer a new and exciting concept using our vast array of rental inventory every year. This allows Suan Farma to have a new and exciting look while keeping costs consistent and within budget annually.

Nimlok NYC has been investing in new rental inventory, new techniques, materials, and state -of the art- technology for building the most exciting new concepts in the exhibit industry.

The design highlighted for Suan Farma is a 20 x 20 peninsula recently used at Expo West in Las Vegas.



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