Trade Show Booth Design

Choosing the Right Trade Show Booth Style: Which Option is Right for You?


Planning to set up a booth display at an upcoming industry trade show? If so, you want your booth to be as functional and eye-catching as possible. However, with so many different booth styles to choose from, knowing which one is best suited for your needs can be a challenge. By exploring a few of the most popular booth designs and having a team of professionals to assist you, you’ll be well on your way to a successful display.

In-Line/In-Line Corner Booths

These options tend to be the most popular due to the exhibit set-up at most trade shows and similar events. Generally, if you have a display that’s going to be backed up to another display and surrounded on most sides, an in-line design will be your best option. These designs allow for the best use of floor space and plenty of creativity. For exhibits that will be located in a corner and still surrounded by other displays, an in-line corner booth makes proper use of corner space to your brand’s advantage.


Island Booths

If you’ve secured a larger, open exhibit space at an upcoming trade show, then an island booth is likely to be your best design choice. Island booths usually measure at least 20×20 feet and are meant for exhibit locations that are right in the center of the show floor. Island Booths allow for foot traffic to flow in from all sides of the display, maximizing your brand’s potential.


Peninsula Booths

Another option to consider for your trade show booth design is a peninsula design, which is typically recommended for exhibits that are located against a wall on one side. These peninsula booths allow for free-roaming foot traffic on three sides while only being closed off on one. They usually measure 20×20 feet, though the size can be customized to suit your needs. This is a great option for businesses that want to make the most of their exhibit space when backed against a wall or other obstruction.


Now that you have a better understanding of the most common designs used, which do you think is best for your needs? For assistance with creating an amazing exhibit for your upcoming trade show appearance, contact our team at Nimlok NYC today!