Trade Show Tips

Choosing the Right Location on the Show Floor

Real estate is not the only industry where location matters. While choosing the right trade show and creating a vivid booth design are paramount to your success, choosing the best location to showcase your business is another important element that helps pull it all together.

Once you know the size of the booth you’ll be using at a particular show, consider these placement factors when reserving your space with the venue.

Opt for a Space Near the Front

Near the entrance and on a main aisle has proven to be top foot traffic generators for trade show exhibitors. Not only are attendees more eager and receptive to what you have to offer, you’ll naturally experience a heavy amount of foot traffic just by virtue of your location.

Close to Major Attractions or Sponsors

Knowing where the sponsors and major attractions of a trade show are going to be located before you book your spot allows you to benefit from the increased foot traffic they bring. One caveat to this is to make sure that the other company isn’t in direct competition with yours.

Corners and Intersections

Locating your trade show booth near the intersection of an aisle allows you to have at least two sides where foot traffic can notice you. You’ll also be able to attract the attention of those attendees who are gathered at the intersection. Here, it’s key to design a trade show booth that is captivating on all exposed sides in order to fully capture the opportunities this location offers.

Near Restrooms and Food Vendors

Nearly everyone who attends a trade show will need to eat or visit the restroom at some point. Securing a location near the exit of either of these areas provides your company’s trade show booth added visibility and opportunity to generate more foot traffic.

What if You Can’t Choose?

Some trade shows assign locations with repeat companies getting the choice spots. Strategies to circumvent this include booking your space as early as possible, offering to pay an increased fee, and being aware of cancellations. Even if your company isn’t able to garner a highly-desirable location, you can desire still secure foot traffic with trade booth elements that pique the interest of attendees.

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