Trade Show Tips

Choosing The Optimal Booth Location At Your Next Trade Show

When it’s time to prepare for this year’s trade show exhibitions, you want to make sure you are getting the most return on your investment. That’s why choosing your booth location is so important to your success. You’ll be thinking about other details like booth display rentals, demonstration preparation, and your elevator pitch, but having the right location for your needs it going to set the stage for all of this.

It’s similar to choosing the right piece of real estate for your business in that location is everything when it comes to being successful. You want to be seen and you want your display to attract the right traffic, so take a look at these tips for choosing the optimal booth location.

Make sure you are close to major attractions

One of the tricks of a great booth location is that you are located next to things that people are going to go to, such as major attractions or show sponsors. Having the knowledge of where other exhibitors are going to be located, as well as show sponsors or major attractions, you can set yourself up for success by being located near them.

When traffic reaches a major exhibitor, it will be easy for those attendees to notice you upon arriving to or leaving the major booth nearby. You can’t beat the high traffic that other exhibits can spill over onto your own.

Try to avoid the left corner or the back of the show floor

One of the ways to pick a good spot in the exhibit is to know which areas to avoid. For example, choosing a spot in the back or in the left corner of the show floor knowing that traffic is most likely to flow to the right is going to hurt your chances of traffic seeing you. Just like people drive on the right side of the road, they gravitate towards the right side of a trade show or a grocery store. Avoid being in these less noticeable locations, and be sure to avoid choosing a spot close to a direct competitor.

What locations are like near restrooms, near food, or in an intersection

There are locations in the trade show that may have you scratching your head as to whether or not these are smart location choices. Is it wise to be near the restroom or near the food areas where people tend to gravitate, or will you be looked over during these attendee break times?

You’ll actually find that these areas and the areas near the main entrance give you an optimal location since people are going to pass by these areas multiple times during the show.

When it comes to corners and aisle intersections, you’ll find that busy areas like these are awesome locations for booths as well. You’ll be able to capture an attendee’s attention since they are forced to cross the path of your booth. You’ll likely have extra opportunities to reach customers since people will pass by you at least twice.

You have to book early and other final notes

It’s a challenging balance to book your site early in order to guarantee a great location while waiting to see what the competition is going to do or where the major exhibitors are going to setup. The high-traffic areas will go first by main exhibitors, such as the main aisles, corner spaces, and any other highly-desirable spot. You may not get the first spot by the main entrance, but if you get a second or third booth down from the first one and stick to the right side of the aisle, you’ll be in good shape.

Where are the seminar rooms, the food centers, or the restrooms going to be located? These could be great places to see more traffic but risky areas for the higher chance of getting blocked by loiterers.

Avoid being next to booths that will be using a PA system to attract their crowd and make sure you leave space between you and competitors that may have opted for the more expensive or more vibrant display. Make sure you avoid dead-end aisles, overhanging obstructions, or being near columns that could interfere with your space.

There are many considerations to make when it comes to your booth location, but this guide will help you to know how to strategize yourself for the best return on your investment.