Trade Show Tips

Choosing the Best Trade Show Booth Layout for Your Show Goals

When you’re designing a trade show booth, space is at a premium—which means the last thing you want is an ineffective or inefficient use of space. But because each component of a trade show booth’s layout should be designed with the ultimate goal in mind, there’s no “right” type of display setup. Learn more about how some common booth layouts can help you achieve various trade show goals.


Trade shows offer the perfect opportunity to develop relationships with attendees who may be able to benefit from your products or services. If your primary goal is to interact with as many passersby as possible, while having the option to move more in-depth sales conversations to a semi-private area, a relationship-centered booth can be the answer.

This type of booth will often have a single branded counter near the booth’s center, encouraging visitors to step inside and providing enough “face space” to ensure that no one feels left out. For lengthier or more private conversations, these booths will offer a separate seating area or even a small cubicle or meeting room, providing a more intimate space.


If your main trade show goal is to introduce or promote a new product, having an attention-grabbing display is key. Not only do you want to make viewers do a double-take as they walk by, but you also want your display to encourage them to step inside and see what you have to offer.

This can mean creating interactive displays that put your product front and center while also making generous use of media, such as tablets, where users can customize and order products. You may even want a small counter or standalone display area where you can offer samples or demonstrate how your products work.


Trade show participants who want to increase their business’s exposure can be aided by the judicious use of graphics. While printing your company or product’s name on every surface can be overkill, you’ll want to ensure that attendees who are examining your products or promotional materials are also able to quickly create an association between your company’s name or logo and what you provide.

For businesses that want to generate buzz or expand their brand’s reach, combining three-dimensional, branded displays with a brief video or audio loop that describes your products and services can ensure that your name is seen (and heard) by as many attendees as possible.

If you’d like to bring a fresh set of eyes to your booth’s layout, Nimlok NYC can help. Our professional and creative team members provide a wide variety of trade show services that can relieve you of the planning, development, and setup burdens. Contact our team to get in touch and learn how we can assist with your trade show needs.