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China Vitamins Case Study 2

Client’s Comments“The show went great! We couldn’t have been happier!”
– Katie Loomis, Executive Assistant, China Vitamins, LLC.

Design Challenge
China Vitamins, LLC is a leading provider of bulk vitamins and nutritional products throughout North America. The company provides quality, reliability, and financial benefits to customers in the animal nutrition, dietary supplement, and food and beverage industries. China Vitamins has utilized Nimlok NYC’s services in the past, so when they needed another eye-catching exhibit they knew exactly where to turn.


Design Solution
After the success of their booth at SupplySide West last year, China Vitamins trusted Nimlok NYC to design yet another attractive and practical booth that would meet their needs. Nimlok NYC made sure that the booth they designed for China Vitamins was different in style from the booth they designed the previous year.
Nimlok NYC worked hard to design a booth that was sure to stand out on the showroom floor. The four illuminated panels really help to make the booth spark attention. The beautifully symmetrical design draws eyes in, with the China Vitamins logo being the focal point. The circular table setting with an abundance of chairs provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere. As always, this stunning booth that Nimlok NYC designed for China Vitamins was an undeniable success.