Trade Show Tips

Capitalize on These Summer Retail Trends at Your Next Trade Show

With summer at our door, retailers are changing things up and preparing for a new cycle of retail going from summer trends to fall and winter demands, before wrapping up in the spring for another season to start. This means that trends have already begun for 2017 that are going to affect how things are done among retailers for the summer, especially with summer and the start of fall being a crucial sales time of year. Learning about some of these trends can help you to make better choices when you are preparing for the upcoming retail trade shows.


This is the year where retailers are really getting to know their customers, using any tool at their disposal to learn about shopping trends, household preferences, and offering more options. As we’ve often seen, the times continue to change towards more focus on eCommerce, social media engagement, and utilizing technology to the advantage. Take a look at the summer retail trends that can help you properly prepare for the next trade show.

More personalized experience through artificial intelligence

Now is the time to start learning about artificial intelligence since it is allowing retailers to get a more personalized experience with their customers. Taking the time to get your brand educated on machines and deep analytics using AI will mean you can better target and get personalized with your customers.

With customers that have a digital history through their online shopping, social media profiles, and overall interests; it will be easy for brands to target their recommendations to customers in a better and more tailored way. Make sure you are connecting with your customer base on social media and invest in AI for your brand to make sure you can target the right products and services to customers based on their shopping history and interests.


Implementing reward programs for examining shopper preferences

You’ve likely gained quite the collection of rewards cards in your wallet for shopping at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and favorite retailers, and now is the time to implement this into your brand’s way of doing things.

With more families seeing a larger likelihood that multiple family members are doing the shopping, it can be more difficult to track household preferences and habits. Make sure to provide a rewards card that can be used with your brand, so that you can learn about household data despite who is doing the shopping.

Using social media to learn what the people want and connect with customers

Another important use of social media is to learn more about what people want, what they care about in a product, what they are avoiding, and to engage with them for a more personalized experience. It’s easier than ever to use social media to engage with hundreds and thousands of people on the products and ingredients that they are talking about.

You can now have a dialogue with your customer base on a regular basis to better understand what the people want and to show them that you care about their needs. People want to shop with brands that care. Make sure to get your customer’s connected to you on social media for future engagement and to learn what they are looking for in products.

eCommerce will rule and technology is most important

Just like social media and AI is going to be huge this year, technology, in general, is going to be your friend. People are doing the majority of their shopping through eCommerce, which means that you need to have a great website set up with mobile-friendly algorithms. While the summertime sees the largest dip in eCommerce shopping, it’s going to become huge once the back-to-school season starts and for the rest of the year. Get it set up now so that you are prepared for shoppers all year round.

Make sure to discuss eCommerce options with attendees at the trade show and let customers know if you have any back-to-school season products or discounts that may catch their interest. Discuss with attendees what types of technological advances you’ve made that will make their shopping experience even better, such as cashless payment options, being able to talk informally with the brand about products and services as if you were old friends, and how you’ll be utilizing proximity marketing to offer discounts to your customers whenever they stop by your store.

When it comes to the upcoming trade shows, make sure you’ve taken note of the upcoming summer retail trends that you could implement in your brand before talking to potential new customers. These are a few of the top trends that could make you stand out at the next show.