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4 Unique Ways to Integrate Lighting in Your Display

The lighting you use for your trade show exhibit has a significant impact on the way your brand is showcased and highlighted. Displaying your company in the right light can help you achieve your goals at the show and bring attention to the various areas of your booth you want to focus on.

1. LED Display Boxes

LED display boxes are lights that can highlight any message, concept, and/or image that you want attendees to focus on. These attention grabbing displays are best if your trade show goal is to increase attendee engagement or awareness with your products.  

2. Backlit Graphics

If you want to make a statement with your exhibit, using backlit graphics is a perfect way to accomplish that. Backlit graphics are lit from behind to give an image added color depth and radiance. Using backlit displays can also light up your exhibit without having to use overhead spotlights. They also work well if you are trying to draw attendees from afar.

3. Spotlights

Versatile and absolutely necessary for exhibits, spotlights can highlight your message, your product, or a particular route that you want visitors to follow. The strategic use of spotlights makes it easy to create the right atmosphere while also providing much-needed illumination of particular aspects of your booth.

4. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights can be used to create an open and bright exhibit space. Because they are suspended, hanging lights don’t take up valuable space that could be used for other purposes. When combined with a large sign, hanging lights can make it easier for your booth to capture the attention of those people who are across the exhibit hall.

Integrating the right type of lighting in the right places is a crucial part of your exhibit’s design. It may seem like a small element, but it can totally shape your presence at a show. That’s why you should rely on a booth designer with years of trade show experience. Partner with Nimlok NYC, a premier trade show solutions provider with decades of experience, to watch your ideas come to life. Get in touch with Nimlok NYC for more information.