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Are You Planning The Right Post-Show Strategy?

In the trade show world, follow-up is everything. Even with the best trade show display and great show day interaction with potential leads, lack of follow up can hinder progress.

These three trade show follow-up tips will help you instantly increase the ROI from every show. 

1. Ditch the gimmicky giveaways

Everyone gives something away at trade shows. Distinguish your brand by making sure your giveaway adds value. No one needs another stress ball, so think about what your ideal customers would really need and find a branded version you can give away at trade shows.

The best giveaways are ones that are branded and useful. This might mean spending more time or money on giveaways but it’s effort well spent when leads use your item regularly and keep your brand top-of-mind.

2. Don’t wait to qualify leads

After the show, separate leads into hot and cold categories as each type of lead will require different follow-up. If someone was highly interested in your service or product, and is in a good position to move forward, follow-up as soon as possible. For leads deemed cold, meaning the prospect may be on the fence or needing to wait for financial approval to move forward, try an email campaign over 3 to 6 months to keep in touch. Even though leads are categorized, each follow-up call should feel individualized, as if you’re checking in with an acquaintance rather than working down a list. 

Adjusting your follow-ups with this tip will decrease the time to close and increase your conversion rate after a show.

Make follow-up customer-centric

Customer-centric is a new buzzword, but what does it really mean when following up after trade shows? It’s simple: Customer-centric means showing how your product or service will solve a customer’s problem or create an advantage for your ideal customer. When following up with leads, a best practice is to use examples and anecdotes to show them all that you can do for them.  

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