Trade Show Tips

6 Tips on Creating Perfect Trade Show Booth Graphics

Trade shows offer a great opportunity for your business to boost its name recognition and generate new leads. But it’s impossible to showcase what your business can offer if your booth doesn’t draw in attendees. Read on for six tips and tricks that can help you create the perfect eye-catching graphics for your next trade show display.

1. Identify Your Brand’s “Personality”

Just as you probably wouldn’t use a boring, gray-and-white text display to advertise a beach vacation rental service, you shouldn’t let your trade show graphics distract from (or contradict) your brand’s message.

Factors like your customer demographics, target client base, and product offerings can all play into your brand identity. When envisioning the graphics for your booth, it’s a good idea to brainstorm five or six words or phrases you’d use to describe your business, then build the graphics around these concepts.

2. Keep Your Messaging Consistent

Even if you’re not a fan of the fast-food restaurant known for its golden arches, you instantly know its name. That’s because this restaurant, despite constantly evolving over the last half-century, has only made slight tweaks to its logo and color scheme over this time.

By maintaining consistent branding, you’ll be able to create that instant memory association among your clients and customers. This means outfitting your booth in colors that match your logo, creating a buzzworthy slogan or catchphrase (if you don’t already have one) and making judicious use of logo-branded promotional merchandise.

3. Use Both Long-Range and Short-Range Graphics

As the name implies, long-range graphics are those that can be easily spotted from a distance, while mid-range and short-range graphics require a closer look. A successful booth will mix all three of these elements where possible. Long-range graphics allow attendees to spot your booth from the end of the aisle, while shorter-range graphics encourage them to step inside to see more.

4. Delve Into Font Selection

Certain overused fonts, like Comic Sans, have long been the butt of graphic designer jokes—but choosing the right font can be far more intensive than just avoiding punchlines. Your graphic text’s font should be easy to read from a distance (which usually means sans serif), compatible with your brand’s personality, and attention-getting without being distracting.

5. Without Proper Lighting, Graphics Won’t Pop

Even the best graphics in the world won’t work for you if trade show attendees can’t see them. Making good use of front-lit and back-lit lighting throughout your booth can make it more inviting, while spotlighting specific displays will draw attendees’ eyes toward your promotional materials.

6. Use Contrast to Improve Visibility

One of the easiest ways to instantly improve the visual your booth’s graphics provides is to focus on contrast. Having a major contrast between your logo (or other printed words) and the image background can allow attendees to mentally process your graphics from a distance. Failing to utilize contrast in your graphic designs can leave your booth looking flat or sloppy.

With years of experience in designing trade show booths of all sizes and types, Nimlok NYC has extensive expertise in developing eye-catching graphics. Contact us today to learn how we can help your next trade show display truly pop.