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5 Overlooked Simple Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Designing a trade show booth doesn’t have to be complicated or extremely expensive. When you’re working within a specific budget, you can still provide a very professional design with the graphics necessary to draw attention. Here’s a look at five often overlooked, yet simple trade show booth design ideas you can implement.

Tabletop Booths

When you’re working with a very small budget, you can still make an impact with a tabletop trade show booth. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you can still attract attention. Some of the things you want to be sure you incorporate in a tabletop design include:

  • One big image to draw attention
  • A table throw
  • Lighting
  • A contest or game
  • An interactive staff

You will need to use the right elements to make a tabletop booth really pop, but it can be done without breaking the bank.

Add an iPad Kiosk

A very cost effective way to incorporate technology into your trade show booth space is to add an iPad Kiosk. It can be used for your trade show booth presentations in many different ways, such as controlling the presentation on a larger screen, allowing attendees to sign up for more information or enter a contest and even for placing orders. With an iPad Kiosk, you can make our booth do more for you at your next trade show.


Creative/Comfortable Flooring

An often overlooked part of the trade show booth is the flooring, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. However, adding padded flooring may give your attendees an added level of comfort, which may help your brand appear more luxurious.

You can also choose printed carpet strips instead of getting a full 10’x10′ printed image on a piece of carpet for your booth. Instead, you can have a smaller strip of 2’x10′ carpet printed with your logo or brand. This will be far more cost-effective and still provide about 90% of the impact compared to the larger choice.

Add Appropriate Lighting

Sometimes, the lighting makes all the difference. Think of your trade show booth at the stage, if you don’t’ add the right lighting; it won’t have the necessary impact you want. Good lighting makes a huge difference and it’s something many often overlook or even cut out if the budget is tight.


Add a Few Small Touches

Many trade show booth managers tend to overlook the little things. Attendees are walking around the expo center all day and often only rest when they stop at a booth. Why not add some fresh flowers, padded carpet, a place to sit, candies or even water to help them relax at your booth? These small things can go a very long way when you’re trying to impress an attendee at your trade show booth.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to provide a professional image at your next trade show. By using these often overlooked, yet simple ideas, you can make your trade show booth attract more attention without breaking your budget.

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