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5 Conference Room Designs That Let You Get Down to Business

When it comes to prioritizing company projects, redecorating or reconfiguring your conference rooms are often not a top priority. But in today’s competitive corporate culture, bland conference rooms are no longer enough to get the job done. Instead, focus on creating a branded environment that allows creativity to flourish while keeping you focused on your goals. Discover five innovative conference room designs that can help your company be more productive in the conference room. 

An Ideation Hub

Today’s team-based work environments can benefit from an “ideation hub,” or a creative space that encourages both small- and large-scale collaboration. Round bar-height tables can allow workers to sit or stand and float between workspaces, while an electronic or traditional whiteboard can encourage brainstorming sessions. The key to a great ideation hub is flexibility: instead of a stuffy boardroom, these workspaces are informal and can be quickly reconfigured to facilitate a comfortable team or individual discussions.

Interactive Whiteboards

The traditional whiteboard is a brainstorming staple, but it tends to assign the role of scribe to one person, who writes down everyone’s ideas. Interactive whiteboards, on the other hand, can seamlessly integrate and collate input from everyone at once, making for a more dynamic process. And by saving the whiteboard data to the cloud, workers can access this information from anywhere with a wireless connection.

LED Video Walls

An LED video wall can offer an eye-catching display for an open office that supports client interaction. While these high-tech walls were once rare, the decrease in LED costs has made them far more affordable, allowing companies of all sizes and types to instantly project sharp, color-rich images.

Energetic Lighting

Just as LED walls can provide an affordable way to project media, LED lights can affordably transform even the dim conference room into an energizing workspace. Depending on the amount of natural light coming into a given area, you could benefit the most from recessed lighting, spotlights, or even movable LED panels. Consider a color like yellow that mimics the energizing effect of sunshine. 

Natural Textures

Spending time in nature has been proven to diminish stress and anxiety, so bringing these natural elements into your company’s conference rooms can improve productivity and decrease the risk of employee burnout. Consider applying a veneer to your walls that mimics elements found in nature, like wood, canvas, stone or even grass. 



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