Trade Show Tips

4 Ways to Add Height to Your Booth Without a Second Story

One of the most effective ways to turn a mediocre trade show exhibit into a guaranteed attention-getter is through the illusion of height. But often, tacking on a second story just isn’t possible within the confines of a defined exhibit space. Read on for five standout ways you can add height to your exhibit without a second story.

Incorporate Towers

Having a tower or other stackable exhibit component will immediately draw the viewer’s eye upward. Whether you opt for a product display that stretches into the air or a vertical banner with your company’s logo, utilizing a simple tower format can quickly add height without adding to your final cost.

Use Curved Backwalls

In a field of square or rectangular trade show displays, using curved backwalls for your exhibit provides the illusion of greater height and more interior space. These curves can break up hard edges, giving your display a more seamless feel.

Install Floor to Ceiling Graphics

Your eyes are naturally drawn to the highest point on a wall. Much like an interior designer would suggest you hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible to create the appearance of taller ceilings, the same principle applies to walls within your booth. By utilizing floor to ceiling graphics, your structure will feel more seamless and give an added sense height.

Go Above the Booth

Depending on the trade show venue’s regulations, your booth’s structure may be subject to a maximum height restriction. To the extent you’re permitted to hang items above your booth without bypassing the show’s rules, take advantage of this opportunity. Branded hanging signs are immediate attention grabbers that can be seen from a long distance and add that extra wow factor up close as well.  

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