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4 Fun Trade Show Booth Activities to Drive Traffic

A boring trade show booth won’t attract much attention. However, when you add the right activities, you may be the hit of the entire show. Everybody loves to play games, win prizes, enter contests and enjoy being entertained. Even the most boring industries can spice things up with the right trade show booth activities.
Here are four of the top fun activities you can add to your next trade show booth.


Games are a huge draw, especially if they are fun, provide a challenge and cause competition. Who doesn’t love going to the carnival and winning the prizes? When you take this same concept to your trade show booth, you may just have a show stopper.

From the simple basketball game to a more interactive water shooting game, there are plenty to choose from. However, you don’t want to just choose any game with the expectations that you’ll have a line at your booth. The right game makes the difference, not just any old game.

When the game drives competition between friends or has a high score, it will drive traffic to your booth. Other types of games that will drive traffic include anything interactive, anything challenging or anything with a sought-after prize for the winner(s).


While a contest may not cause people to stop and play, it can drive plenty of traffic. The key to a great contest is offering an excellent prize. Whether you use a spinning wheel or a drawing, it’s all about the prize. The better your grand prize and the better your consolation prizes, the more people will want to enter your contest.

Interactive Experience

You don’t have to have a game or a contest to gain traffic. Anything interactive will help to make you the hit of the show. For example, if you sell golf clubs and you have your booth set up for demos on virtual screens, you’re sure to have a line of people ready to swing away.

When people can touch and feel what you offer, they will stop and interact with your staff. If you provide a product that allows for interaction, design your trade show booth around it. If not, you can always come up with another way to provide an interactive booth for your next trade show.

Relaxing Setup

While a relaxing setup isn’t an activity, you can turn it into one. Consider making your booth the “coffee shop” of the show. Providing an area to lounge, charge a mobile device and just take a break can make your booth very attractive. It can also give your staff time to speak with those attending the show as they enjoy a hot or cold beverage and take a load off.

There are many fun activities you can add to your trade show booth if you want to gain traffic. Consider adding a fun game, a contest, making your booth interactive or even becoming the “coffee shop” of the show.


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