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3 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Rental Booth

If your company attends multiple shows, or the same show every year, keeping the same booth design for years on end can cause you to fade into the background, making it a challenge to engage with attendees who have seen you and your booth before. Breathe new life into your rental booth display with these following tips. 

Bring Your Graphic Designs Into the Twenty-First Century

Twenty years ago, getting clear, custom-branded logos and merchandise was an incredible challenge—graphic designers were forced to operate within a fairly limited number of pixels (and megabytes).

But today’s technological advances have made it easier than ever to produce vivid, eye-catching, pigment-rich designs on everything from signs to promotional t-shirts. Nothing says “dated” like faded or pixelated booth signage. If it’s been a while since your business’s logo was updated (or since you had the logo reproduced in a larger format) there’s never been a better time to invest in new graphics. 

Watch Out for Nicks, Chips, and Other Signs of Wear

Even the most sturdily constructed trade show booth will begin to show some wear and tear over time. The key to keeping your booth as fresh-looking as possible is to begin each trade show season with a thorough inspection. By replacing worn or damaged countertops, refinishing or waxing scuffed flooring panels, and giving all painted surfaces a fresh coat, your booth can look close to new. 

Upgrade Your Booth Technology

If it’s been a few years since your booth was updated, it may be behind the times when it comes to technology. Today’s most engaging booths are outfitted with touch-screen tablets, charging stations, and other devices designed to grab the attention of show attendees. Not only can interactive devices like tablets help your booth stand out, but they can also allow you to gather valuable data on potential customers. 

While these are some of the quickest ways to refresh a tired-looking trade show booth, they are not the only ones. Contact us today or give us a no-obligation phone call to discuss how we can help you revamp your rental booth. As a full-service design firm and exhibit producer, Nimlok’s team works tirelessly to deliver the trade show experience every businessperson dreams of.