Trade Show Tips

3 Essential Tips For Choosing the Right Trade Show

Exhibiting at a trade show leaves companies with hundreds of decisions to make. From the focus of the exhibit and the materials distributed to choosing the booth’s staff and overall show investment, planning a trade show program is a huge undertaking.

Regardless if your budget is a few thousand dollars or well into the millions, the success of your face-to-face marketing program relies heavily on one key decision: which trade shows to attend. And, with so many options, it can be tough to choose. Get a head start by taking these key factors into account:

What Do You Want to Accomplish At the Trade Show?

Why you attend a trade show should influence where you attend. Don’t show up for the sake of it; identify your goals for the event well in advance. Perhaps you desire new leads or want to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Maybe you’re ready to launch a new product. Clarify your goals and determine which shows are most capable of meeting them.

For example: if you’re on the hunt for new leads, you have little to gain from a familiar event attended by the same clients or customers year after year. If you desire a specific type of lead, look at demographics of previous attendees to determine whether your target market will even show up.

Are There Any Additional Marketing Opportunities?

A vibrant booth is the best form of trade show marketing, but there may be other opportunities for spreading the word. Determine which press outlets have attended the show in the past, and how they can help your business gain additional visibility. Educational seminars and roundtable discussions also provide valuable opportunities for brand exposure.

What About Cost And Return on Investment?

In an ideal world, every business could attend every desired trade show. Ultimately, however, entrepreneurs are constrained by packed schedules and limited budgets. It is therefore critical to choose events that combine reasonable cost with exceptional ROI. Keep in mind: the cheapest isn’t always best. Your time and money are best spent on a trade show that appeals to your target market and puts your brand in front of as many viable clients or customers as possible.

Not sure which trade shows to attend or how to make a splash once you arrive? No worries — you don’t have to go it alone. Nimlok NYC offers full-service trade show solutions to help companies get the most out of their exhibit. From initial consult through post-show, Nimlok NYC provides strategic guidance and one-of-a-kind exhibits to ensure clients goals are reached. Contact us to learn more about how we can help at your next trade show.