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2020 Exhibit Design Trends

With the previous decade quickly entering the rear-view mirror, companies are eagerly looking ahead to the 2020’s and the technological advancements it promises to bring. Trade shows and conventions are designed to showcase innovations and emerging industry trends—which means that it’s crucial to have a fresh, updated booth that will grab attendees’ attention and secure your place among the competition. This article will explore five of the most engaging exhibit design trends you’ll see in 2020.

Comfortable Seating

Many trade show exhibitors want to do more than draw a passing glance—but it’s hard to draw in attendees if your booth is crowded, lacks seating, or if the furniture looks uncomfortable. By providing a dedicated seating or lounge area (which can even include a drink station), your booth can create an inviting atmosphere that allows you to have in-depth conversations while attendees can rest their feet. 

Convenient Technology

Show attendees are often on their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, which can make cordless charging stations, USB ports, and other technological conveniences a major attraction for any booth. Adding these types of features to your booth is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to increase your booth traffic. As devices charge, you have a captive audience to discuss your product or service. 

Customized Flooring Elements

Floors have long been the most underutilized element of a trade show booth. But many vendors are beginning to look at their booth’s floors as a way to continue their branding efforts, opting for custom vinyl inlays that can include text, logos, and photos. Instead of using hanging signs to add dimension to your booth, consider using the floor to set yourself apart in 2020.

Seamless Video Panels

Today’s LED technology is better (and cheaper) than ever before—exhibitors are no longer limited to a flat-screen television mounted on a wall. Instead, if you’d like to incorporate video elements into your booth, you can add as many (or as few) seamless LED video tiles as you need, in any pattern you’d like. These video panels can be used for decor, video displays, or interactive signage.

Advanced Lighting Techniques

LEDs aren’t just for video displays. These powerful and energy-efficient bulbs can also light your booth, giving you more design options than ever before. Whether you’d like to use LED lights to project your company’s logo onto the floor or to provide track lighting to make your booth more inviting, adding LEDs to support brand messaging is an easy way to add an attractive design element to your booth. 

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