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10 Stats Showing the True Value of Trade Shows

If you’ve had any doubts about the power of trade shows in the past, you won’t anymore after looking at this list. Below is an outline of some of the exciting stats that prove the true value of trade shows. Not only will this likely motivate you to take advantage of this marketing opportunity, but you may even feel swayed to design your booth based on these facts.
Did you know that over 80% of attendees at trade shows have buying authority or that the average attendee will spend 8+ hours viewing exhibits? Take a look at these stats at more than prove trade shows are a valuable marketing medium for your brand.

The goal of exhibitors

You may have your own reasons for presenting at a trade show and renting a custom booth. You may not have known that there are actually three top reasons that exhibitors do take on the task of attending and presenting at trade shows. The top three goals for the majority of exhibitors include generating leads, building relationships, and expanding brand awareness.

The goal of attendees

While exhibitors want to make sure attendees know about their brand and have started a relationship with them, attendees are there for their own reasons. While attendees might have all kinds of motives for attending, the number one reason that attendees are there is to find out about new products. In fact that number is a whopping 92% for attendees that claim they attend looking for new products, which means that product you were considering launching should be a top priority at the next show!

But can they buy?

If your goal is to set up a deal, make a sale, or sign a contract, you’re in luck. It turns out that 81% of attendees actually having buy authority. You can count on around 4 out of 5 attendees being potential customers for those with exhibits.

And they are serious, too.

You may think that just because people have the ability to make buying decisions that it doesn’t mean they will. In fact, over 75% of people are traveling more than 400 miles to attend this exhibition. You are not only benefitting from serious attendees, but you’re reaching a more nation-wide audience.

Marketers notice its unique value

Marketers have taken notice of the unique value only found at trade shows. Almost 100% of marketers found it more valuable than other forms of marketing with 60% saying you can see a large amount of customers and prospects at one time and 51% saying that you get the value of face-to-face interactions from these shows.

The largest shows are in only 3 major cities

Even if you don’t live in the Windy City or Florida, you’ll find that the biggest shows in the USA take place in these locations. Half of the largest 200 shows are in Vegas, Orlando, and Chicago.

Even executives are making time for shows

You may have thought a company representative was who you were speaking to but think again; often times you’ll meet upper management and executives at your booth. What better way to win over a brand than winning over the executive him or herself! 46% of attendees fall into these categories.

Exhibitors base their decisions on quality of attendees and past ROI

When it comes to deciding on whether or not to attend and what size booth to get, exhibitors base their decisions off of the quality of attendees, the ROI, and past performance over half of the time.

Exhibitors share trade show objectives

While exhibitors have the same reasons for attending most times, they also have the same objectives when it comes to their sales. The top three objectives include meeting key customers, existing ones, and prospects.

Attendees visit exhibits for the length of a full work day

How long do attendees actually visit booths during one trade show? The average one spends around the length of a full work day, 8.3 hours, viewing exhibits. You can count on ample time to interact with attendees knowing this.

These 10 statistics show you that trade shows are immensely valuable. Consider creating a custom booth to show off your new products, plan to meet many attendees and executives, and bring what you need to make sales on the day of since most have buying power. You’ll have a hard time denying the value of trade shows after the success of your own booths at shows in 2017!