Why do Trade Show Attendees Want to Visit Your Booth?

Understanding what brings attendees to your trade show booth is one of the most important parts of achieving a higher ROI at your next trade show. There are many ways to draw people in, but what keeps them at your booth long enough for a pitch or product demonstration? If you know how to get them to your booth and you know how to hold their attention, you have a deadly combination. Here are a few things you can do to make more trade show attendees want to visit your booth and a two powerful ways to keep them at your booth.

Getting Visitors to Your Booth

Just like a good song or catchy advertisement, you need a hook. The hook is what draws the eye, makes you stand out amongst the crowd or gives you something your competition doesn’t' have. You need a good hook if you're going to attract attention at any trade show.

Some of the best hooks you can use include:

  • Fun Games
  • Contests
  • Celebrities signing autographs
  • Product demonstrations
  • Interactive videos
  • A unique giveaway

There are several great hooks that will make people want to visit your booth. You need to figure out which hook will work best for you and will best represent your brand.

Interactive Trade Show Display by Nimlok NYC

Keeping Trade Show Attendees at Your Booth and Keeping them interested

Nothing draws attention to your booth better than a crowd already gathered around it. When a crowd forms, people become curious. They want to know why everybody is gravitating toward a certain booth.

You can start creating a crowd by using some of the things above to create interest. However, if people just stop by for a minute and move on, that crowd isn't really going to form. You need a way to keep them interested.

Two of the best ways to keep trade show attendees interest is:

  • An excellent booth staff
  • In-booth demonstrations

If you train your booth staff properly, they will be very engaging and they will be able to hold the attention of anybody they are talking to. However, they cannot talk to everybody all at once.

In-booth demonstrations can act much like an infomercial. When they come on, you want to change the channel, but you get sucked in and an in-booth demo can be the same way.

If you have a properly trained booth staff, they will know when the demonstration will start and they will start pulling people into the demo. Then, when it starts, people will stop, form a crowd and others will become interested in what is going on. After the demo ends, if done correctly, it will create a buzz around your booth and the crowd will continue to grow.

Putting it All Together

At your next trade show, if you have a great hook, a well-trained booth staff and you provide a few in-booth demonstrations, you will have the ingredients to create a crowd around your booth. This will also create a steady stream of qualified leads, potential sales and your booth will be filled with energy.