What to Expect for 2017 & Beyond for Trade Shows

As we approach a new year ahead, it may be a great time to start looking at how trade shows are going to change, improve, or just differ from what you experienced this year and in past years. It is helpful to know what to expect from the competition and to plan accordingly for future shows. All of the exhibitors are going to be attempting to stand out and to stay ahead of the curve which means that being educated on what to expect is a great first step. You’re used to always seeing new and improved booths with innovative ideas mixed in with some classic elements, but what is going to change in the future? What is going to be the focus for 2017 and what are people going to be expecting?

Personalize your Brand at Trade Shows - InteliChart Booth by NimlokNYC

It’s important to stay current in the modern world, especially when trying to wow potential clients with your presentations. Take a look at what 2017 trade shows are going to look like so that you can start preparing now.

Everybody is going personalized

While you’ve always known that anything personalized, be it a hand-written letter or an embroidered gift, is preferred by many, you may not have known that personalization is going to be playing such a huge element in future trade shows. How do you personalize to attendees you’re just now meeting?

They are just getting introduced to your brand for the first time and yet you want to feel that the experienced was personalized for each individual person. It’s time to start strategizing about individuals’ interests to appeal to attendees next year.

You can start to personalize your brand to new customers by following the examples of other marketers that have figured this out already. They tend to anticipate customers’ needs in advance and create the experience at the show around specific preferences.

Having this tailor-made experience for each person’s specific characteristics will encourage a better experience, deeper engagement, and a more memorable interaction. To do this, you’ll need to do market research and predict your attendees’ behavior.

International shows are trending

You’re used to traveling short and sometimes longer distances to take part in trade shows. Now you’re going to start to see that trade shows are going overseas making appearances abroad. This adds value by reaching more people, raising awareness of brands, and promoting products to a brand new target audience. While not everyone is on board with this trend, over half of businesses in the US are showing interest in taking their trade show exhibit international.

Technology will win the show

It’s no question that technology plays an important role in business which also means it’s playing its role in trade show exhibits. Going forward, technology is going to be extremely important for businesses with a booth. Make sure that you are planning an interactive experience at your booth to stay ahead of the curve. It’s easy for tech companies to show off their tech gadgets, but what can you incorporate to make technology clear in your business model?

Bring in a game, contest, tech gadget, or otherwise to make your tech presence clear. Mobile technology is huge and having a mobile trade show app will make it really easy to capture your leads, add a note next to a lead, add action items, and to get a lead analysis in real-time for your sales team back at the office to get to work immediately.

You’ll love how the digital badge scanner allows instant access of attendee information which is stored right away so that you don’t have to worry about sorting leads from business cards after the show.

While there is still a little time left before the new year rolls around, it’s never too early to start planning ahead for upcoming trends and focuses for trade shows. Use these tips to stay relevant and trending at next year’s trade shows.