What to Ask Potential Trade Show Freelancers

Hiring trade show freelancers can be tricky. The right freelancers will help you in many different ways from helping with set up and tear down to working your booth during the actual trade show. No matter what you need freelance staff for; you should always make sure you're hiring the right people. With the right set of questions, you'll be prepared to better interview any trade show freelancers you plan to hire. Here are a few questions you should ask before making the decision to hire.

  1. What type of experience do you have with trade show work?

You really don't want to hire inexperienced people to help at a trade show. While hiring a crew with one or two new people and plenty of veterans may be fine, hiring a single freelancer with no experience or very little experience may cause more stress than you need. Make sure you understand the experience of every freelancer you plan to hire before pulling the hiring trigger.

  1. Do you have any references I can contact?

References are always a helpful way to verify the freelancer does good work. Whether you're hiring just for installation and tear down or you're hiring freelancers to interact with trade show attendees, you should always check references. They should be able to provide at least a couple of references from trade show work they've done and a couple personal references, as well.

  1. In your opinion, what skills are necessary for the job you're applying for?

It's important for your freelance workers to understand what's expected of them and for you to understand why they think they can handle the job. Hiring staff to interact with trade show attendees means you want to hear answers to this question, such as good communication skills, a friendly attitude, an upbeat personality, etc.

When hiring freelancers to help with setup and tear down, the answer to this question will be different, however. By asking this question, you will find out why your freelancer thinks they are best fit for the job.

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Additional Tips for Hiring Trade Show Freelancers

Along with asking the right questions, you will also need to make sure each worker you hire provides a high level of professionalism. If they will be working at your booth during the trade show, they should also fit the look of your brand. In most cases, you want a polished appearance, but your brand may have a different look in mind.

It's also important to make sure anybody working your booth is trainable and willing to do things your way. While you will need to train them, it won't do any good if they are not willing to learn. Sometimes, a less experienced freelance worker is a better choice, if you believe you can train them to talk to people at the show they way you prefer.

There are several things you should keep in mind whenever you hire trade show freelancers. Making the right hiring decision will help you find success at your next show. However, if you hire the wrong freelance workers, it could cause major issues. Take the time to ask the right questions and gather the necessary information before you make any hiring decisions.