What should you Know about Trade Show Booth Staffing?

Signing up for a new trade show and reserving a space is the easy part. Everything coming after you've reserved your spot may not be so easy, including your trade show booth staffing. There are several things to consider when hiring your staff and training them for your next big trade show. Here are some of the things you should consider when it comes to your trade show booth staffing.

Vet Each Staff Member Thoroughly

Before you start training your staff, you have to go through the hiring process. Not everybody will make the cut and you need to properly vet each applicant. The last thing you need is somebody with a reputation of providing poor customer service representing your company.

Check references, run a background check and thoroughly interview each potential applicant. You need more than just bodies taking up space if you want to realize real success at the trade shows.

Understand Each Personality

Your trade show staff members won't be the same. They will all have different personalities, which is a very good thing. It's necessary to understand their personalities so that you can put the right staff members in the right places to achieve success.

As you hire, you do want to make sure you choose outgoing, friendly and interactive people. It's also important to understand how they will react under stress. By understanding the personality of each staff member, you will know how long they can handle working your booth before they need a break and how long they can maintain a great attitude.

Train Your Staff Thoroughly

The fastest way to turn away all the potential leads a trade show provides is to put a staff together and forget to train them thoroughly. They shouldn't need to defer to you or anybody else at the show. They need to be able to handle simple questions and any product questions with ease.

Put them through a boot camp of sorts, about your products, services and company. Role playing is a great way to help the training stick and see how your staff members will react to difficult and easy questions. Make sure to give them a refresher the day before or the day of the show to keep them sharp.

Nimlok NYC Team

Teach them to Listen First

New trade show exhibitors will often talk more than they listen when they get nervous. During your training, emphasize listening to the needs of potential customers before excessively speaking. Help them to understand it's more than just a scripted sales pitch.

Set a Dress Code

Your staff has to match your brand and needs to make a good first impression. For some companies, a beard on a man isn't going to match their image, while other companies it fits perfectly. The same goes for facial piercings and many other alternative looks.

Along with getting the look right with proper grooming, it's important to set a uniform. If you have shirts with your company name and colors, make sure every staff member gets one in the right size. They should also match from the waist down, even if it's just a similar color of pants.

When staffing your trade show, you want to make sure your company makes a good impression. Use the tips above and you will have a better prepared staff ready to find you more customers at your next trade show.