Most Common Types of Trade Show Booths

What trade show booth type would be the best for your brand? It all depends on the size you’ll need, the location within the show, and the configuration options available. Most shows contain these four common types of booths that allow you to narrow things down to what makes the most sense for your needs. An Island Booth is the right choice for those that need maximum exposure while the Peninsula Booth will offer a great deal of exposure while still keeping you connected to other booths. The Inline Booth and Perimeter Booth are both mingled within other brands which may work to your benefit if nearby booths are popular. Take a closer look at the most common types of booths in order to know what your booth configuration will be like at upcoming trade shows.

Inline Options

20x10 inline corner trade show display

If you find yourself in a trade show in which you’ll have to be integrated within a long line of other brand’s booths, you’ll be in what’s called an inline option. There are two booth options you could find yourself in in this scenario, one being the inline linear booth in which only one side of your exhibit is exposed to the aisle and the perimeter booth. The perimeter booth works the same except you gain the wall behind you for displays since there is no booth behind yours like the inline linear booth.

The advantage of the perimeter booth is that you are going to be slightly less crowded and have the option of increased exposure through the maximum height allowance behind your booth. If you have big signage to display, this may be the perfect option for you. Your design will attract buyers that can enjoy your extra height potential.

451 inline permiter trade show display

The inline linear booth has its advantages as well. While you only get one side exposed to the aisle, you’ll have neighbors on both sides that may have their traffic overflow into your display. Regardless, you can’t miss the traffic being in the middle of the action, so you can enjoy the two side aisles increasing your exposure to customers.

More exposed Options

The other most common types of booths are those in which you get to enjoy maximum exposure in your own island or the whole end of a long line of booths. The Peninsula Booth is a great option because you’ll get huge visibility to traffic on three different sides. There are two forms of this option, one being a booth that backs up to linear booths and the other being one that backs up to another peninsula. You’ll likely get a booth larger than a 20’ x 20’ in this option.

You’ll have great flexibility with a peninsula regarding the height of your display, your design and layout, and being accessible in three directions by potential buyers.

If you get an Island Booth, you’re in even better shape with being accessible from all four sides of your booth. You’ll have the best options as far as entry, and huge flexibility on design and layout. While the peninsula and island offer the best flexibility and accessibility, you will be more off on your own compared to the heavy traffic guaranteed with the other booths.

island trade show display

These are the most common trade show booth types. Which one makes the most sense for your needs and design? The best place to start is to create a custom exhibit and determine which booth type will fit the design that is customized for your brand’s message.