How to Energize your Trade Show Exhibit, Even on a Tight Budget

While it might be great to create a new trade show exhibit for every single show you attend, it's probably not possible or even in your budget. Many exhibitors reuse the same booth for at least a year, if not several years before replacing it. Even though you may not have the budget to replace your exhibit, there are some ways you can re-energize it from one show to the next. You may not be able to control or change all the aspects of your booth, but there are some ways to add something new. Here are a few ways to energize your exhibit, regardless of your budget.

Swap a Few Standalone Graphics

If you're using any graphics that you can replace without redoing your entire booth, you can swap these out from show to show. You don't have to redo them complete every single time, however. Instead, you may have two or three sets that all work with the main booth. Then, just rotate them to give your booth a new look from one show to the next.

Midwest Tape Extra Large Trade Show Display by Nimlok NYC

Switch up the Greeting

It's a very simple thing and may not seem like it's very big, but switching up your greeting can make everything seem fresh again. This is especially true if you're using the same trade show staff from one show to the next. Repeating the same greeting over and over can become stale.

Instead, make changes, push new buttons and say new things to catch the attention of your audience. The best part, changing the way you greet attendees won't cost you anything.

Use a Spotter Campaign

When you want to really energize your booth through the attendees at the show, you can use a spotter campaign. This type of campaign works with a few steps:

  • First, give attendees a sticker or button to wear on their lanyard or badge.
  • Second, let them know you have spotters out in the crowd that will be giving out prizes each day if they spot the button or sticker.
  • Finally, have spotters give 2-4 prizes away each day ranging from $5 gift cards to free products.

This method will not only drive traffic to your booth, but will also give you something unique others may not be using at the trade show.

Change the Booth Layout

If you have a booth with furniture, you may be able to add energy simply by changing the layout. Bring in a second set of eyes and get an opinion of someone not so familiar with your booth. They may provide a fresh perspective that will help you make your booth layout better and it won't cost you anything.

There are several creative ways to easily add energy to your booth without spending much money or any money at all. A fresh look or layout can go a long way to helping get your staff excited and getting more attendees to pay attention to what you have to offer.