How to Connect Your Online and Offline Trade Show Marketing Efforts

Marketing is vital for any trade show you plan to attend. You need people to know you'll be there and to come by your exhibit. By connecting your online and your offline marketing, you will be able to gain better traction and spread the word faster. It may seem silly to connect the two, but the analytics will show you want you need to know about your marketing efforts. Here are a few ways you can easily connect your online and offline trade show marketing efforts.

Use Tracking URLs

It's easy to create analytics online for your marketing. However, with offline marketing, it's not quite as easy. You can use a unique tracking URL when you create mailers, outdoor advertising or any other type of offline marketing. The URLS can simply redirect to the proper page, while allowing you to track your marketing for the trade show.

By using tracking URLs for your offline marketing materials, you'll be able to see where visitors are coming from. For example, you could use for a trade show in Chicago on your brochures. This will help you to see how many people are visiting your website from those brochures at that specific trade show.

QR Codes

Another great way to help track your offline marketing and get people to your website from offline materials are QR Codes. These codes can be scanned by most smartphones and will provide information you choose or redirect the user to your website. These codes are one of the most powerful ways to connect your online and offline marketing efforts.

Driving Offline Traffic with Social Media

Since you're going to be attending trade shows, you have the opportunity to use your social media accounts to drive people to your booth. With an online promotion, such as "mention you saw this deal on Twitter" you can track where your booth visitors came from. This will also help you to drive more people to your trade show exhibit from your social media pages.

Reach Building Offline

Another way to help connect your online and offline trade show marketing is through reach building offline. By including your social media accounts on your offline marketing materials, you will be able to get more people to find you on Facebook, Twitter and through other social channels.

It's important to allow those finding you offline to follow you online, as well. By including your actual social media URL, instead of just the logo, you will be able to get them to follow you and become a part of your community.

Give Something Away for a Follow/Share

Trade show giveaways are necessary and very popular. However, why not connect your marketing efforts by asking for a follow or share on any social media platform to get the free gift? This is a great way to connect your offline and online trade show marketing.

There are several ways to connect your marketing efforts for trade shows. If you take the time to really put together a solid strategy, not only will you know where your traffic is coming from, but you will also get more of your offline customers online and more of your online followers at your trade show booth.

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