How can you Make your Trade Show Giveaway Eco-Friendly?

Becoming more eco-friendly is a very important part of many businesses today. When you head to your next trade show, you have the opportunity to make your giveaway green. Here are a few ways you can make your trade show giveaway eco-friendly. Give Something Digital

You don't have to use a physical item as your giveaway. By choosing a digital version of a catalog, brochure, guide or something else, you will have a very green giveaway. As long as the digital item you decide to giveaway provides value your target market will love it.

Choose a Reusable Item

Many of the potential giveaway items are reusable. When you choose the item you want to have your branding printed on, think about whether it can be reused or has to be disposed of after one use. For example, you may choose a stainless-steel water bottle instead of a plastic water bottle. This provides a reusable item your target market won't have to dispose of after one use.

Not only will a reusable item, such as a travel coffee mug, provide something eco-friendly, but it will also serve as a regular reminder of your company. Imagine your potential customers using a coffee mug every single day with your company printed on it. If they need what you are selling, you are likely to be the first company they think to call.

Give a Plant

Maybe one of the greenest giveaways possible is giving greenery. You can give out a small plant to everybody coming to your booth until you run out. However, this can be a hassle and it can take up quite a bit of space.

Another option is to use seed paper for your printed materials. It will have a unique texture, which will make an impression, along with providing something your customers can plant and grow. The paper is embedded with seeds and will safely break down when planted.

Use Sustainable or Recycled Materials

Another option for your eco-friendly giveaway is choosing something made of sustainable or recycled materials. Whether it's a simple pen or something more sophisticated, you can often find the item made with sustainable or recycled materials. If you want to take it a step further, use only sustainable or recycled materials in all of your trade show items, such as print outs, banners, signs and other necessary items.

Provide Disposal Instructions

Even the most eco-friendly items you use as a giveaway will need to be disposed of at some point. Providing instructions on how to properly dispose of the item is a great way to become more eco-friendly with your show giveaways. The instructions may be printed on the item and it may be as simple as having the recycling logo printed on it.

No matter what you choose as your next trade show giveaway, making it eco-friendly helps everybody. If your company has started to work on becoming greener or you need a place to start, choose one of the eco-friendly trade show giveaways for your next show.

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