Hottest Trade Show Technology for 2016

With 2016 in full swing and plenty of trade shows on the schedule, it's a good time to consider the hottest trade show technology. The right technology can help provide a better overall experience and more success for your exhibit. Here's a quick look at the hottest trade show technology this year. Event Apps

Mobile event apps used to just provide information about the events, but they have evolved into much more. With the many different sensors found on smartphones, event apps can now be used to figure out the user's likes and dislikes, their movements and more. They have become a very rich source of data for planning and managing your trade show booth.

You don't even need to wait until the event is over to gather data. With the right mobile app, you will have the data instantly. This allows you to make changes, if necessary, at the event and get more out of it.

Facial Recognition and Motion Capture Technology

Using motion capture and facial recognition technology allows you to provide personalized content for anybody approaching your booth. This type of technology uses an RFID chip or it may use Bluetooth technology. With the ability to use wearable technology, you can capture more leads and sales through this growing trend. Wearable beacons can be used to help track the exhibits someone has visited, let attendees know there's a survey available, allow for cashless payments and so much more.

Projection Mapping and Curved Screens

If you plan to use video, projection mapping and curved screens will give your users a more immersive experience. Creating buzz has never been easier. With projection mapping, you will provide a surprising display that will make attendees stop, snap a picture and send it to their social media feeds.

Projection mapping will allow you to turn objects into a display surface. Usually it's used with irregularly shaped objects to create an incredible display.

NYC Trade Show Technology

Social Media

While social media isn't a new type of technology, it's still vital to your event success. Sharing posts with images actually gives you a much better chance of somebody resharing or retweeting the message. With Twitter purchasing Periscope, streaming video apps are expected to become very popular for events, as well.

Using social media throughout your event will help create buzz. Many attendees are on high alert looking for that WOW moment to spread across all their social media channels.

You can even turn video walls into large screen social walls. By including hashtag conversations in real time or any other feed you want to include, you can encourage attendees to participate.

Intelligence Technology

Event managers are always looking for ways to improve exhibits and the overall event. With the right combination of mobile apps, geo position, wearables and other technology, event managers will have the right data at their fingertips. They will know who their top speakers are, how attendees rate activities at the event, what event aspects are most engaging and so much more.

Technology is vital to the success of any trade show exhibit. Whether you want to increase your leads, create social media buzz or make more sales, the right technology will help enhance your exhibit in 2016.