The biggest goal for most brands attending the trade show is to gain leads that can become business relationships and new customers going forward. That means that your company needs to know how to turn those trade show floor leads into customers. There are a few ways to make lead generation a success, including possibilities such as attracting interest through social media, product giveaways, and joining a panel during the show. Take a look at this guide to help create leads from the trade show floors to your email list.

Why lead generation is important

Lead generation is the process of capturing interest in your brand’s products or services in order to develop more sales. There are many techniques to accomplish this, such as giveaways and online strategies. It’s important to accomplish since the buying process has changed over the years and it can get more challenging to successfully reach and gain buyers. The days of mass advertising is over, and now the focus is on relationships with your customers.

When trade show attendees are bombarded with information overload, sales pitches left-and-right, and flashy displays, you need to find a way to capture interest and keep that interest through tried and true strategies. Then you must turn those leads into customers.

Key strategies for lead generation at trade shows

You can attract interest in a variety of ways, such as pre-show advertising on social media, and in-booth activities during the show. You can also advise attendees through a mailing list or by having your sales team get the word out. Creating incentives is another important strategy for lead generation. You can create incentives in many ways, but the most common are through product-focused strategies, contests, giveaways, and through educational platforms like panels and seminars.

Creating a raffle or drawing will excite interest into your booth, just like seeing drinks or snacks, and swag or coupons at a booth would draw most people in. Of course, a product-focused, show-only incentives including giveaways, discounts, or product demonstrations will get customers wanting to see you at your booth.

Lastly, you’ll want to generate leads by collecting important data and having a way to store to access it later. You’ll need to gather your leads so that you can contact them after the show. You’ll also want a way to collect measuring data and to be able to store it in order to improve for the next show. Using lead generation programs, you can learn if your investment paid off by finding out the cost-per-lead, the quality of leads, the rate of conversions, and more.

Once you get the leads

If you’ve managed to gain some quality leads through social media marketing, a well-thought-out display, a prepared staff,  and great incentives, now it’s time to put those leads to work after the show. While the trade show leads are the perfect start, you need to make sure you don’t blow it after the show.

Hopefully, you scheduled appointments during the show that are happening soon, but be sure to handle follow-up with every lead you worked with by taking the appropriate action. Email and brief letters sent to your prospects are great ways to follow up, but be sure to include why your company would be a great solution for them and include a call to action to make sure your lead returns contact.

The trade show requires a great deal of preparation, but it’s just the first step. Use these tips to generate leads and keep them, from the showroom floor to your email list.