Four Proven Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Draw More Attention

Gaining attention at a trade show requires the right mixture of interactivity, color, technology and fun. With the right trade show booth design and the right elements, you may be the hit of the show with a line stretching 100-feet long. Making your booth interactive is one of the most important ways to attract more attention at any trade show you attend. This is the key to drawing more attention and becoming the hit of the show. Here are four excellent ways to draw more attention at your next trade show.


If you sell a product or you're introducing a new product, demonstrations are a great way to draw attention. Have you ever been in a grocery store when they announce someone will be showing off some new product and you might get a free gift if you go watch? Even if you ignore the announcement it's hard not to get sucked into the demonstration when you roll past it with your cart.

At a trade show, a good demonstration can be seen a few aisles over and will grab the attention of your audience. If you can engage their senses, smell, feel, taste, etc., you will not only attract attention, but also hold their attention as the group grows around your booth.

You want to announce the times for your demonstrations ahead of time through email and social media. It's also a good idea to plan to give out samples, if possible. Make sure the demonstrator you choose is an outgoing, enthusiastic person and very animated.

Hand something out Free of Charge

Everybody loves getting something for free, especially if it's not just the typical pen or keychain. A unique giveaway will draw all kinds of attention. Have you ever been somewhere and noticed everybody seems to have some cool drink or item and you instantly want to find out where they got it? The right giveaway will cause this type of reaction at a trade show.

A good example of something unique is giving away a branded energy drink. It should feature your logo, colors, business name and contact information. If possible, make sure it's cold so attendees will drink it at the show, which will make others want to find out where they got it.


One of the most powerful ways to draw people into your booth is through games. Everybody loves to spin a wheel for a prize, roll a putt for a chance to win or answer trivia questions. Games are fun, they break up the boring of a trade show and they give you the opportunity to pitch your products while people wait in line or after they play the game.

Use Technology to Your advantage

Large screens displaying information about your product, service or company will help to grab attention. You can put a PowerPoint presentation on a loop to grab attention, as well. Tablets can be used to collect contact information or even for product demonstrations, too.

Now you have four great ways to draw attention to your booth at the next show you attend. Get creative and come up with something unique and you may be very surprised as the crowd around your trade show booth grows.

Trade Show Technology by Nimlok NYC