Essential Trade Show Planning Checklist

Trade Show Planning Checklist Planning for each trade show is vital to your success. If you want to make sure you achieve the highest ROI and the lowest stress level possible, you need the right plan. Here's our essential trade show planning checklist.

Match Your Goals

You probably have regular marketing and company goals for the year. These should match up with your trade show goals to ensure you move in the right direction. Make sure these goals are specific, measurable, timely and achievable.

Make your Payments Early

Early payments help you not only reserve prime spots, but they also help you avoid any late fees or rush charges. Plan to pay as early as possible for each show and you will be able to eliminate stress.

Choose a Clear and Bold Exhibit Design

The design of your exhibit makes the difference at any trade show. A design that boldly and clearly communicates your message will help you gain the best ROI possible.

Include Support for Workers in the Exhibit Design

Your exhibit has to be functional for your workers. They need space to demonstrate products, speak with potential customers and do their job.

Get your Marketing in Order

Even though you may not do any marketing until a month or two before the show, it's important to set it up in advance. If you plan to use any direct mail, social media marketing or any other type of marketing, have it all ready to go well in advance.

It's also important to get any printed materials you need for the show done in advance. This gives you time to proofread and catch any mistakes before giving out the printed materials.

Schedule and Train Your Staff

Staff members need to know in advance whether they will be working the show or not. They need to be able to plan with their families if travel will be involved. In addition, you need time to train them for the show. Make sure this is done ahead of time so that everybody is well prepared.

Prepare any Follow-up Materials

Whether you plan to follow up through the mail, over the phone or through email, you need to have it prepared in advance. You want to know what your leads will receive and when it will be sent so that you can take advantage of the news leads you gain.

Make your Travel Arrangements

Remember, you're not the only one traveling in for the trade show. Make your travel arrangement well in advance to avoid missing out on the best and most convenient hotels. You may also save money if you book your flight early.

Evaluate Each Trade Show

Within a week or two after the show, sit down with your staff and evaluate the show. It's best to do this soon after the show when it's fresh in the minds of everybody. You can also put tracking in place to see how well your new leads convert into customers.

Trade shows require quite a bit of planning. By using this checklist of essentials, you will be better prepared for your next trade show. Contact us today for help with your next trade show!