The New Year is still just beginning but it’s going to reach the summer season and the half-way point of the year before you know it. It’s a good time to learn about the trends for 2017’s trade shows so that you can know what to expect going into the exhibitions this year.

Staying alongside or ahead of the competition by meeting trends and attendees’ demands will encourage more success for your brand. This year is going to be the year of technology between the growing interest in virtual reality, being able to order products digitally, and the importance of social media engagement. Take a look at the early trade show trends for 2017 to be on the lookout for.

A new take on trade show booths

You’ve likely already noticed that trade show booths will stand out when they start integrating things that the others booths lack. This is the year to make sure you are really maxing out your booth’s potential by creating a place that people want to visit and want to stay around for a while.

Instead of your traditional booth, make sure you are renting a trade show booth in order to bring in more points of interest, including a charging area for your customer’s smart devices, immersive hubs with video content and activities to try, as well as a lounging area for networking.

You’ll love renting out a custom booth that makes it easy to display your brand name, your mission, your latest products, and places to relax for a moment and encourage a conversation.  In fact, this year you’re going to start seeing double deck trade show booths as the latest trend in booth design, where you can really maximize your space, feature a plethora of products, and have the ability to have private meetings or demos.

It offers opportunities for coffee bars, overlook areas, theater-style seating for video presentations, and multiple branding opportunities between the floor, the balconies, and the display ceilings. Of course, you’ll stand out from the competition with your vertical display, your billboard-style ad placement, having more space for graphics, light boxes, and potential centerpieces that can hang, and be incorporating designs on the stairs.

The year of technology

You may have heard it before that trade shows are bringing in more technology than ever, but 2017 is sure to really wow with the addition of virtual reality, in addition to the use of social media and digital ordering at the show.

This year you’ll see exhibitors using augmented or virtual reality to grab attention, while making it easy to place orders right at the booth on a smart device, and keeping customers informed via social media throughout the whole show. You’ll also see brands analyzing trade show success through social media engagement, tracking unit sales, and looking at the ROI from the sales and customer acquisition from the show.

You may even start to see some companies using 3-D printers to print a copy of their equipment rather than shipping them from trade show to trade show, in a way to be cost-effective and show off their capabilities.


Lastly, be on the lookout for companies being focused on going “green” and providing proof of being a sustainability-minded brand. Trade shows are going for less waste and more sustainability by collaborating more with these convention centers and hotels. You’ll likely see more eco-friendly materials being used, less paper, more recyclable materials, and incorporating LED-backlist smart fabric walls.

These are some of the trends to take note of for 2017’s trade shows.