Don’t Let Technology Hinder Your Trade Show Booth

We live in a world full of technology. Sometimes, it's a great thing and allows us to deliver our message in a very powerful way. However, it can also get in the way. When it comes to creating your trade show booth and interacting at the many different shows you attend, you have to make sure technology won't cause issues. Here are a few tips to help you use technology in a complimentary way instead of a hindering way.

Test Everything First

Before you take new technology to a show, make sure you test it. Even something as simple as a TV not working properly could make the technology you want to use a waste of time and money.

Not only do you need to make sure all the components work, but you also need to test everything to work out the bugs. Maybe you have a specific type of lighting you want to use and need to make sure it will look the way you are hoping. Test this before you arrive at a show to ensure it's the look and feel you desire.

Avoid Replacing Human Interaction

Sometimes, we let technology get in the way of actual human interaction. This is very common with our day-to-day lives. If technology gets in the way at a trade show, it may cost you valuable leads and customers.

Human interaction is a very important part of the experience at a trade show. Many attendees come to interact with business owners and their staff. They don't attend to watch videos on TV screens. Make sure your technology compliments the interaction between your staff and those at the show.

The trade show is about putting the face of your company in front of a target market. Those taking care of interacting with the trade show guests are your company's face for the event. Make sure they get an opportunity to speak with as many people as possible without relying on technology as a major part of the communications.

Nestle Nutrition 10x10 Trade Show Booth by Nimlok New York City

Void of Emotions

Remember, technology doesn't have emotions. It doesn't feel or have a sensitive side. Making sure human interaction is a big part of the trade show experience takes emotions and sensitivity into account.

You may not realize some people don't want to feel like they may pick up other people's germs from your booth. If you provide a quick commercial for people to watch, yet they have to wear headphones to do so, you may be alienating anybody with a fear of germs. You may even alienate anybody that simply doesn't want to mess up their hair or share headphones with hundreds of other people.

Too Much Technology is Distracting

It can be easy to go overboard when you want to have the latest and the greatest technology at a trade show. However, some types of technology don't work well together and can become very distracting. Sometimes, less is more.

There are several wonderful types of technology you can add to your trade show booth. From TV monitors with commercials, to lighting effects, you can choose plenty of technologically advanced features for your booth. Make sure you are careful not to go overboard, test everything before putting it into practice and protect the human experience. If used properly, technology can be a great compliment to human interaction.