Do Your Trade Show Graphics Paint the Perfect Picture for Your Brand?

If you think just having a logo is good enough for painting the perfect picture for your brand, your trade show graphics may not be representing you well. It takes more than just a logo to create a great brand and stand out at trade shows. You want to get noticed, grow your business and make new contacts. The goals of the trade shows have not changed, but the way you draw attention to your exhibit have changed. The right graphics can make a huge difference. Here are a few things your trade show graphics should be doing for you.

Getting You Noticed

The graphics used within your exhibit should get you noticed from across the room. If they don't catch the eye of those passing by, you may struggle to see the results you desire from the show.

It's important for your graphics to stand out enough to be seen from afar. This is the first impression you will make and the best way to stand out amongst your competition. Even if you cannot secure the top location at the show, you can draw people in with amazing graphics.

Provide Brand Recognition

Your logo is only one part of your graphics and doesn't always provide full brand recognition. Whether you are a new company or you've been around for years, your graphics need to consistently send the right message for your brand.

With the right colors and design, your graphics can extend past your exhibit to your workers and promotional materials. This makes it easier to get your brand into the minds of the consumer and keep it there. The more they see the same colors and design associated with your product or service, the more memorable you will become.

Nimlok NYC 10x20 trade show design for Publix
Nimlok NYC 10x20 trade show design for Publix

Attract the Right Audience

If your graphics are designed in an attractive way to the older generations, but your product appeals to teenagers, you won't attract the right audience. When the graphics properly represent your brand and they appeal to the right audience, your exhibit will be buzzing with excitement.

Specific colors, fonts and designs appeal to specific audiences. The right combination put into a well-designed exhibition space may just make your next tradeshow your best one yet. However, the wrong design and you may attract tradeshow attendees that don't fit with your demographic.

Send a Message

The most important thing the graphics do for you at a tradeshow is send a message. With the right design, you will be able to send the message you prefer.

Maybe your company sells fun, unique products meant to make people laugh. If your graphics are too serious, you may be sending the wrong message. However, graphics that lighten the mood and make a person feel open to laughter might just send the right message for your company and brand.

The graphics used within your trade show exhibit are one of the most important design aspects. Without the right graphics, you may not attract the right audience or send the right message. Make sure your graphics are designed by a professional capable of painting the perfect picture for your specific brand.