Current Trends in Types of Trade Show Booths

Have you picked up on the latest trends when you’ve attended trade shows this year? You may get so caught up in making your own booth so great that you forget to take notes on what everybody else is doing. While it’s smart to focus on your own and make it great, you may be missing out on key elements that everybody’s incorporating and trade show attendees are starting to expect. It’s never a bad idea to read up on current trends and start implementing them into your exhibit or presentation. You’ve probably noticed the use of technology and booths using great color schemes to attract visitors, but did you know that businesses are personalizing their sales pitch and sending buying teams to your booth to evaluate what you’re up to? Take a look at the current trade show booth trends and make sure your company isn’t falling behind the competition.

Technology and Social media marketing

Since technology has become a huge part of trade shows, it’s been no surprise that the use of real-time marketing has become a part of the mix. Being able to incorporate technology and instant social media marketing makes the time spent at trade shows pay off even more.

Technology is seen through the badge scanners that help with lead tracking to the trade show apps making it simpler for exhibitors and attendees to find one another. Being able to market on social media during the show can make it easier than ever to boost traffic, schedule appointments, and communicate with prospective customers.

Modern lounge space

One of the fun ways that trade shows have gotten with the times is by upping the game when it comes to the first impression. Having a modern lounge area that’s more than a sofa with some scattered magazines is now an expected part of trade shows.

You’ll see everything from interactive kiosks to tablets and even charging stations. You can’t beat the ability to fully charge up your phone while interacting with a booth or taking a break from all of the fun.

Buying teams

If you were wondering how you are differing from the competition, you may not realize that they are wondering the same about you. That is why many are starting to bring on faux customers to scope out the competition. Watch out at large trade shows where other companies may have hired a buying team to come visit your booth multiple times to evaluate your products and strategies.

Interactive displays

You’re used to coming up with a great presentation, beautiful booth design, and lead collection system, but have you found a way to incorporate an interactive booth? An easy way to do so is to follow the trend of interactive floor projections which works to light up the floor with your display.

It’s a great way to utilize your entire space unlike ever before. You can customize the content for your attendees making for a more personalized experience, and you can incorporate sounds, games, visual effects, and show off your logo all day long. Don’t miss the chance to add some LED lights to your booth too, choosing colors and images that will display your brand’s message brighter than ever.



Technology is raising the bar

Speaking of technology, you’ve probably noticed the increase in touchscreens and use of mobile technology. People are used to using touchscreens now which means that touchscreen interaction at a trade show is going to be welcomed.

You can use it to give virtual tours or gather lead information. You can also be sure to use the digital technology of the beacon system to make sure your attendees are using their mobile devices to find you on the floor and see your promotional messages.

Trade Show Technology by Wachter

Focus on the senses

Finally, you’ll probably start to notice how exhibitors are really trying to get a deeper engagement with attendees. The best way to do this is to focus on the senses, from the beautiful and bright visual experience with this year’s pantone color scheme to the sounds of your voice in your presentation and other audio offerings.

With the utilization of touch screen and virtual reality, you bring the sense of touch into your presentation. Incorporate a treat that will excite the taste buds and finish it off with a treat for the nose. That’s right; communicating with an aroma is sure to make you stand out and become memorable.

Science has come up with an OChip which creates a menu of scents from olfactory technology to enhance your marketing like you never thought possible. Incorporating all of the senses will make your booth more inviting and pleasing to the eyes, ears, and even nose.

While you may not have realized these current trends were going on, now is the best time to start incorporating them into your trade show booth.