Creating an Eco-Friendly Trade Show with Custom Modular Systems

The green movement has been in full effect for many years now. No longer is it just popular to become eco-friendly, it's a necessity. Many consumers won't even shop with companies not taking steps to become more environmentally-friendly. Going green at trade shows doesn't have to be difficult. Many trade show booths can be built with recycled and sustainable materials, including custom modular systems. These systems provide a green design with many energy-saving and sustainable features. Some of the materials used in custom modular systems include:

  • Bamboo
  • Recycled aluminum
  • Fabric for graphics
  • Flooring from used tires
  • And more!

Many of the materials available for these types of trade show displays come from recycled items. Modular systems also provide other eco-friendly features, such as LED lighting, solar panels for electricity, non-toxic stains and finishes and more.

The benefits provided by custom modular systems include more than just the obvious eco-friendly benefits. Trade show managers and planners also gain benefits, such as the ability to meet a green purchasing requirement, more versatility and an easier set up.

Additional Green Benefits of Modular Systems

Modular systems created from recycled materials and other green materials are obviously eco-friendly. However, several of the benefits of these displays make them even more eco-friendly.

Easier Set-up and Tear Down

While the easier set-up and tear down won't cost as much for labor, it also makes these systems environmentally-friendly. Less energy is wasted during the set-up and tear down from power tools.

Durability and Versatility

Since modular trade show displays are so durable, they won't need to be replaced as often. The versatility also provides a green benefit because you don't have to replace the entire exhibit to take up a larger or smaller space. In addition, elements are easily interchangeable, which means you won't need to replace your trade show booth as often.

Lighter Weight and Easier to Transport

Trade show booths have to be moved from one place to another in between shows. This requires fuel and energy usage from the company shipping your exhibit. With modular display systems, you won't use up as much fuel or energy because they are lighter weight than a traditional system.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Trade Show Custom Modular System

Since the modular trade show system provides a very customizable option, you can choose this eco-friendly solution and gain all of the benefits in one package. You don't have to choose between going green or specific options to make your company stand out at the next trade show. With a custom modular system, you get both.

These systems become even more eco-friendly when they are shipped in plastic shipping containers and recycled when replaced. Many of these eco-friendly trade show exhibits will feature recycled materials, environmentally friendly printing and a variety of other green options.

Going green isn't an option in today's world. If you want to make sure you're trade show booth is as green as possible, choose a custom modular system using eco-friendly materials.

Green Booth by Nimlok