Been Around the World: International Shipping

Been Around the World: International Shipping Do you understand how International shipping works? Without a good understanding, you may run into issues or higher prices compared to your own estimates. Here's a look at what you should understand about International shipping.

Your Shipping Options

When you ship internationally, you have two major options: By air or By sea. Since most International shipping takes place over a large body of water, ground shipping isn't an option. However, this isn't always the case.

When you ship by air, you can get your shipment to it’s' destination very fast. This type of International shipping will reach more cities, but it's also more expensive. There are some restrictions put on what you can ship by air. Make sure you understand the shipping restrictions before you ship internationally by air.

Shipping by sea is another option, but you will be limited to only certain cities across the globe. You will also have to deal with extreme temperatures, in some cases. However, if you are shipping large items, shipping internationally by sea can be quite a bit less expensive compared to shipping by air. It's important to note that customs will add a full day lead time to shipments by sea, regardless of lead time.

Tips for International Shipping

Whenever you are shipping internationally, there are certain things you want to keep in mind including:

  • Pack everything properly or it may not arrive in the same condition
  • It takes more than just a "Fragile" or "Do Not Bend" sticker to get it there safely
  • Make sure you consider the extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and other conditions the shipment will need to endure
  • Understand what documentation customs will need for your shipment
  • Make sure you have the serial number for any electronics you ship

Shipping is a bit of an art form and it can take quite a bit of preparation. You need to be sure you pack the items properly and make sure you understand everything necessary to get your shipment to its' final destination.

Other Things to Know about International Shipping

Along with the methods of shipping and the tips above, you should also understand the cost of shipping internationally. This will vary greatly, depending on where you are shipping and what you are sending.

Some things you may want to ship cannot be sent to other countries at all, even for a short amount of time. Other items will require an ATA carnet "Merchandize Passport" to be imported. You should understand what these are and what you need, along with Temporary Import Bonds and Value Added Tax before you start shipping internationally.

Start Shipping Internationally Today!

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