Austria Card Design Solution - Case Study

Client's Comments

“Nimlok NYC professionally helped us with the first step of successfully tackling the American market. They reduced the administrative burden, thus letting us dedicate more time to our customers and partners.”

Igor Pejic, Marketing Director at Austria Card

Cartes America Trade Show Display by Nimlok NYC

Design Challenge

Austria Card is a leading, Europe-based card manufacturer. Although their marketing team is experienced in event organization on a global scale, they just took the first step in expanding their market to the United States. Thus, their exhibit at the Cartes America in Washington D.C. was extremely important as it would serve as the company’s introduction to the United States market. Due to the fact that shipping exhibition rentals across the Atlantic was not a viable option, finding a swift and professional partner with local expertise and networks was absolutely imperative.

Design Solution

Nimlok NYC worked their magic to create a unique exhibit that met Austria Card’s specific design requirements. This booth features a professional yet attention-grabbing color scheme that embodies the company’s corporate colors. The booth provided a fresh and welcoming ambiance with its large counter space, attractive reception desk, and eye-catching sign overhead. Nimlok NYC structured this booth to also include two kiosks that featured two demo terminals each. Additionally, this sophisticated yet spacious booth includes a meeting room, a storage tower, and plenty of storage room under the counter and reception desk. The design also included a striking world map, which displayed the company’s global activities in a unique and attractive manner.

Nimlok NYC also successfully accomplished one of Austria Card’s major challenges, which was to include both the brand name and the name of the holding company. It was also important that the design created a balance in representing the product’s quality based on both the company’s centennial corporate history and their cutting-edge innovation.

This smart and sleek booth that Nimlok NYC designed gave Austria Card substantial brand visibility among top-level decision makers. Not only was the design in-line with the company’s core messages and corporate design, but the functional and appealing design also helped generate traffic.

Cartes America Trade Show Design by Nimlok NYC