6 Ways to Ensure your Giveaways will be Impressionable

Giving something away at a tradeshow is a great way to build your brand and make attendees feel special. However, it's important to choose the right giveaway or you may send the wrong message. Here are a few ways to ensure your giveaway sends the right message.

Create Goals or Objectives

What's your goal with your giveaway? Are you trying to reward potential customers, build your brand, show your brand is fun, etc.?

Creating goals or objectives for your tradeshow giveaway provides direction. This will make it easier to choose the right item(s) and brand it to match your company message.

Know the Rules

Not all tradeshows are the same. Some will have specific rules for your giveaway items. It's important to make sure you understand the rules before you show up with an item you cannot giveaway. Before you choose your items, make sure you understand the rules of the show(s) you will be attending.

Locate your Target Market

Before you decide on your giveaway, you will need to narrow down your target market. Understanding the market will make a big difference when it comes to what you giveaway. You won't want to give the same type of item to somebody in their 20s that you would give to somebody in their 50s.

Of course, you have to consider more than just the age of your target market. If your target market is mainly female, you probably won't choose the same giveaway item compared to a target market of mainly male. Take the time to really choose an item that will appeal to your specific target market.

Consider Tiered Giveaways

A tiered giveaway allows you to give nicer items to current clients or high profile attendees and another type of item to anybody else visiting your booth. You can also use tiered giveaways to reward the first 100 or 500 people stopping by your booth with something nicer than your main giveaway.

Organize your Giveaway Items

You don't want to spread all the giveaway items across the reception area. Instead, you want to keep it organized. Consider putting some of the items into storage until needed. This will help to keep your space clean and easier to work within.

Giveaway Quality Items

Quality items are far better than just some cheap giveaway. When you just give attendees something cheap, it may only last for a short time or they may never use it. However, when you give a quality item away, they may use it more often and it may last longer.

Remember, your name is going on the items. If you associate your name with cheaply made items, you may be perceived at a cheap company. However, if you associate your name with quality items, you may gain a reputation for providing quality products and service.

When choosing a giveaway item for your next tradeshow, you want to ensure you make the right impression. There are plenty of choices for your giveaway. Make sure you use these tips to choose the right item for your specific needs.

MetLife 10x10 NYC Trade Show Display
MetLife 10x10 NYC Trade Show Display