6 Surefire Ways to Grab More Attention at Trade Shows

Trade shows are all about connecting with your target audience, gathering leads and closing sales. If you're not doing the right things to grab attention, you may be missing out on new customers and profits. Here are six surefire ways you can grab more attention at your next trade show. Trade Show Attention Grabber

Be Unique

If you notice everybody in your industry is using a similar set up and design, try to be unique. Finding a way to stand out from the competition will help to drive traffic to your exhibition.

The right clothing is part of your unique design, as well. Dressing appropriately and approachable helps to not only catch the eye of attendees, but also draw them into your exhibit. For example, you may decide quirky t-shirts or bright colors are the way to go to stand out.

Give Something of Value Away

Sometimes, you just need a great giveaway to help draw attention to your exhibit. If you give out a freebie everybody loves, such as coffee beans or a custom energy drink, people will be talking about you and carrying around something with your logo on it.

Imagine if every attendee that stopped by your exhibit left with a beverage in their hand. Others will see the beverage with your logo on it and want one. They will start searching for the booth giving it away.

Use Props and Games

There's nothing more eye catching than a unique prop or game. For example, if you sell handbags, a huge handbag on the shoulder of one of your staffers is sure to draw attention.

Games work great, as well. They tend to create buzz and a line near your exhibit. For example, if you're a golf company, you may provide a putting style game giving attendees the opportunity to win something. This type of game is sure to draw attention.

Hire a Local Celebrity

Local celebrities draw a ton of attention. Whether they become your speaker or just sign autographs, a local celebrity will create huge buzz around your booth. It's even better if the celebrity fits with the theme of the trade show.

Use Social Media

Social media has become something you can no longer ignore. Whether you use it to share things yourself or you require attendees to share a message or picture on social media to get something free, it's a great way to create buzz.

When attendees find your booth and they share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or one of the other social media outlets it creates buzz. This may not attract direct attention, but it will alert others and they will stop by your exhibit.

There are several great ways to increase your trade show traffic. Most importantly, when you do something unique, it will provide the opportunity for buzz around your company. Whether you have staffers wear bright colors or something unique or you hire a local celebrity to sign autographs, anything out of the ordinary will help drive traffic to your exhibit.