6 Different Types of Trade Show Booths

There are several different types of trade show booths. With a variety of shapes, sizes and functionality finding the right trade show booth isn't always easy. Here's a look at six different types of trade show booths to choose from. Panel Exhibit

A panel system is a portable choice using panels, which turn into a solid looking wall. Many of these types of exhibits are designed to work as a table-top exhibition. However, panel systems may be larger enough to be used as the back wall of your trade show booth.

Nimlok NYC Panel Exhibit

Tension Fabric

A tension fabric exhibit will use aluminum poles and extrusions to stretch large fabric images across the display. These displays often work well as the back wall of your booth, but they can be created in many custom shapes for many different purposes. Most of the tension fabric exhibitions will break down for easy shipping and storage.

Nimlok NYC Tension Fabric

Pop-Up Exhibits

Pop-ups are very popular and provide a portable option with very little set up time. These types of exhibits also come in at a lower price than some of the other options. Pop-ups can be sued as graphic murals or to display a specific message.

Nimlok NYC Pop Up Display


Truss Designs

Truss systems usually fit best with larger booths. These systems provide structure to the exhibition and allow for a variety of designs. The shape can be customized to just about anything fitting within the allotted space. Truss displays also utilize hanging displays and many other elements to provide the right look.

Often truss exhibits are used for stages, creating custom flooring, utilizing shelving and many other design features. A truss display with large graphics provides one of the best ways to stand out at a trade show.

Nimlok NYC Truss Design

Hybrid Booths

A hybrid trade show booth is a modern looking exhibition with a metal structure, dye cut panels, counters, graphics and more. These displays are easy to customize and provide plenty of value. Most hybrid displays will combine more than one type of trade show design.

Nimlok NYC Hybrid Booth

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are not exactly a booth design, but an element used in many trade show booths. They are very popular and come in many shapes and sizes. Often, the banner stand is designed to draw attention. They are retractable and provide an easy option for shipping and storing.

Nimlok NYC Banner Stand


There are several other types of trade show booths to choose from as well. Sometimes, the best design combines more than one style. Before you design your next trade show exhibit, consult with an expert to ensure you get the most out of every show.