5 Tips for Effective Trade Show Follow Up

The trade show is over and now you have all kinds of new leads. Everything went great, but the job isn't over yet. You need to follow up with your new leads and turn them into customers. Here are five excellent tips to maximize your trade show follow up efforts.

Send Out Text Messages at the End of Each Show Day

Keeping your company at the forefront of each lead's mind is vital to your success. When you respond to leads promptly, you have a better chance of converting them into buyers. Sending out a text at the end of each show day to your best leads will help create immediate sales and keep your brand on their mind. This could lead to even more business down the road, as well.

Create Personal Thank You Notes

Any new clients you gain from the show, along with any new prospects should be properly thanked. When you send out a thank you note, you have the opportunity to keep a new client or prospect thinking about your company and your products. This gives you an edge over any competitor skipping the thank you note.

Provide Immediate Customer Service

In some cases, you may have new customers from purchases at the actual show. If this is the case, you want to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase. Check in with anybody making a purchase as soon as the show is over just to make sure they are happy with their purchase.

You can check in with customers by sending an email, text or even making a phone call. Of course, if they purchased from you on the first day of the show and you run into them on the final day, you can check in with them in person.

Don't Forget the Potential Partners

Not all trade show leads are potential customers. Some may be other companies you can partner with for marketing, cross promotion, expanding your brand and more. Maybe you have leads that could supply you with a complimentary product perfect for an up sale for your current product line. These partners may provide larger profits for you and you need to follow up with them, as well.

Any potential partners you may have met at the show should be promptly sent an email or text just to check in with them. Then, when you can both find time in your busy schedules, you should spend some time on the phone or in person discussing what you can do to help each other.

Continue Promoting Online

One of the best ways to continually follow up with your trade show leads is by continuing your online efforts. If they are now following you on social media or on your blog, you now have a great avenue for following up after the show.

It's important to continue blogging and sharing useful information throughout the show and after the show. You can even do an entire series of blog posts about different parts of the trade show. This is a great way to continually keep your leads thinking about your company and your products.

There are several ways you can follow up with leads after a trade show. Use these five tips to ensure you get the most out of each lead and turn as many into customers as possible.

Jerry Leigh Trade Show Booth 10x20 by Nimlok NYC
Jerry Leigh Trade Show Booth 10x20 by Nimlok NYC